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These 18 Plant-Based Products Will Have You Signing up For a Costco Membership ASAP

From mac and cheese to vegan cinnamon rolls, this superstore is carrying more vegan options than ever before. 



From selling millions of “bleeding” vegan burgers to ditching hot dogs in its food courts in order to make room for more plant-based options, Costco is becoming vegan-friendly at a rapid pace. Here are 18 of our favorite finds from this big-box store that we’re filling our freezers and pantries with.

Big Box Vegan

1. Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Rolls
Gooey, buttery, sweet cinnamon rolls? Yes, please! These ready-to-bake rolls come in packs of three, with 15 rolls in each box, so you’ll be stocked for the upcoming chilly winter mornings.

Big Box Vegan

2. Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Bread Bites
Pair these pillowy, salted pretzel bites with number #9 for the ultimate game-day snack, the perfect pairing to a cold vegan beer, or an easy potluck offering.


3. Beyond Meat Burgers 
Yup these cult-favorite beefy burgers are now available in packs of 8 patties for all your grilling needs. Pop them on the grill (or your grill pan) and then top them with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and mustard for that classic burger experience. 


4. Lattice Apple Pie
If you didn’t already know that Costco’s apple pie is accidentally vegan, now you do! Pick up this jumbo-sized baked good and serve it up with a hefty dollop of vegan whipped cream for an easier-than-pie holiday dessert.


5. Alpha Foods Chicken Patties 
These lightly breaded, crispy vegan chicken patties are packed with plant-based protein and make a great switch up from the many vegan burgers found in the freezer section. 


6. Baileys Almande Liqueur
You read that right! You can even find these elegant bottles of vegan Baileys in the aisles of everyone’s favorite big-box store. Stock up for the holiday season (or just to toss in your coffee—we won’t tell).

Field Roast

7. Field Roast Chao Cheeses
You can find these dairy-free slices in three packs at select Costco stores across the US and Canada. Stay stocked up on this easy-to-melt, gooey vegan cheese for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches when you’re in the mood for a little comfort food. 


8. Alpha Foods Mac and Cheese
These single-serve bowls of deliciously cheesy vegan mac can be found in the refrigerated section at Costco! Times they are a changing. 


9. Hope Foods Roasted Garlic Cashew & Almond Dip
We need this bulk cashew and almond dip immediately! We’re stocking up on bags of pita chips and heading to our local Costco for giant one pound tubs of this dairy-free goodness. 


10. Table One Jackfruit Bao Buns
These soft and fluffy bao buns are filled with saucy BBQ jackfruit and vegetables and can be found in the refrigerated section of the megastore. Dinner just got a lot easier and tastier! 


11. Cado Chocolate Ice Cream
These pints of avocado-based chocolate ice cream make being dairy-free tastier than ever. Each pack comes with 4 pints … perfect for stocking the freezer when a craving strikes.


12. Mac & Yease
Chef Ayinde Howell’s popular Jalapeño & Cheddar Mac & Yease can be found in 32-ounce take-and-bake trays in the prepared foods section of the store.


13. Organic Ravioli
Filled with turmeric-spiced grilled vegetables, these raviolis make dinnertime super easy. Toss with one of Costco’s vegan-friendly pasta sauces and you’re good to go.  


14. Parmela Shredded Vegan Cheddar Cheese
Bulk packs of shredded, dairy-free, vegan cheese? Yes, please! We’ll be layering these into sandwiches, quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, and more! 


15. Jojo’s Chocolate Bark 
These low-sugar squares of dairy-free chocolate are the ultimate treat to have on hand when a chocolate craving strikes. And for us, that’s a daily occurence. Luckily we can buy these in bulk. 

16. Impossible Foods Grounds
Score two one-pound packs of this popular brand’s vegan grounds for just $17 in the refrigerated goods section of the mega-store. 


17. Better Bites Bakery Do Bites
These chocolate-coated cookie dough bites are gluten-free, vegan, and so tasty. The individually wrapped bites keep us from eating the whole box in one go!

Bitchin’ Sauce

18. Bitchin’ Sauces
We are OBSESSED with these nutty almond-based dips. Choose from Original, Cilantro Chili, and fiery Heat and dip anything and everything in these sauces. Trust us … you won’t be able to stop. 

Don’t miss the vegan-friendly, granola-topped açaí bowl and plant protein-topped Al Pastor Salad at Costco’s outdoor food court!

*Please note that products vary based on location.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews who is eager to renew her Costco membership just for the jumbo packs of vegan cinnamon rolls.

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