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These 13 Vegan Costco Products Will Have You Signing up for a Membership ASAP

From mac and cheese to accidentally vegan apple pie, this superstore is carrying more vegan options than ever before. 



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Costco is increasingly become more and more vegan-friendly. From selling millions of plant-based burgers to removing the Polish hot dog off its menu to make room for more vegan options, the big box retailer has shown its comittment to stocking more plant-based products on store shelves and expanding its menus to offer dishes free of animal products. 

What’s vegan at Costco?

Thanks to the mainstreaming of veganism and plant-based diets, grocery store chains are more frequently stocking vegan products to meet increased customer demand. And while Costco is a nationwide chain, no two locations are the same. Often, products not launched nationwide are launched regionally, but it’s always a good idea to call your local Costco to inquire about product availability when you’re on the hunt for something specific. 

Vegan products range from ready-to-eat, accidentally vegan apple pie to plant-based corned beef slices and boozy almond liqeur. Whether you’re shopping for a family of four or are stocking up for your weekend rager, Costco is the destination for vegan fare at discounted, wholesale pricing.  

Vegan products at Costco

The next time you visit this wholesale retailer, keep your eyes peeled for these vegan products. Please note, availability will vary by location. 

VegNews.VeganMeatSales.BeyondBurgerBeyond Meat

1 Beyond Burgers

Yup, these cult-favorite beefy vegan burgers by Beyond Meat are available in packs of 8 patties for all your grilling needs. Pop them on the grill (or your grill pan) and then top with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and mustard for that classic burger experience. 


2 Lattice apple pie

If you didn’t already know that Costco’s apple pie is accidentally vegan, now you do! Pick up this jumbo-sized baked good and serve it up with a hefty dollop of vegan whipped cream for an easier-than-pie dessert.


3 Alpha Foods Crispy Chik’n Patties

These lightly breaded, crispy vegan chicken patties are packed with plant-based protein and make a great switch up from the many vegan burgers found in the freezer section. 

VegNews.ViolifeCostcoVanessa Wilkinson

4 Violife cheese blocks

You can find these dairy-free blocks—in both classic and seasonal flavors—in packs of four at select Costco stores in the Florida region. With the holiday season fast approaching, stay stocked up on these plant-based cheese blocks for next-level charcuterie boards. Plus, they’re easy-to-melt and make for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches.

VegNews.SluttyVeganDipsSlutty Vegan

5 Pinky’s Dips

We need this bulk spinach artichoke dip immediately! We’re stocking up on bags of pita chips and heading to our local Costco for giant one-pound tubs of this dairy-free goodness from the founder of Slutty Vegan herself. 


6 Cado chocolate ice cream

These pints of avocado-based chocolate ice cream make being dairy-free tastier than ever. Each pack comes with four pints … perfect for stocking the freezer when a craving strikes.


7 Organic ravioli

Filled with turmeric-spiced grilled vegetables, these raviolis make dinnertime super easy. Toss with one of Costco’s vegan-friendly pasta sauces and you’re good to go.   


8 Simulate Nuggs

The “Tesla of chicken nuggets” has officially landed at Costco stores in the Los Angeles region. Score a two-pound packs of this popular brand’s vegan nuggets in the refrigerated goods section of the mega-store. 

VegNews.TapiocaBobaPuddingCostcoCinthia Vasconcelos

9 Tapioca boba pudding

Chocolaty vegan pudding is already one of our go-to desserts, but sprinkle in chewy boba pearls, and you’ve got a whole new, next-level treat. Made with coconut milk, these creamy, dairy-free dessert bowls come 12 to a pack for a deal that’s just as sweet as it tastes. 

VegNews.LikeMeatLike Meat

10 Like Chick’n Wings

These crispy, plant-based chicken wings have been spotted in select New Jersey-area Costco locations. Pop them in your air fryer and slather in buffalo sauce for the perfect gameday or party appetizer. 


Unreal Deli

11 Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli slices

Backed by Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli made headlines earlier this year when combo packs of its vegan corned beef, roasted turkey, and steak slices launched at Costco locations in Southern California and Hawaii. Why choose one vegan meat, when you can have three?



12 Plant-Based Babybel

If you spot these revamped childhood classics at your local Costco, load up your shopping cart! Members have spotted the vegan snacking cheese at locations in the Southeast. Wrapped in green, plant-based wax, this bite-sized snack keeps us fueled on all our Costco runs. 

VegNews.AlphaBreakfast1Alpha Foods

13Alpha Foods breakfast sandwich

Breakfast happens in a flash with Alpha Foods’ heat-and-eat egg, cheese, and sausage sandwiches. Skip the drive-thru and toss this brekkie staple in the microwave for a meal guaranteed to hold you over until lunchtime. 


BONUS: Don’t miss the vegan-friendly, granola-topped açaí bowl at Costco’s outdoor food court!

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