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Sleep Well’s oat drink listed exclusively in Holland & Barrett UK and Ireland stores

Sleep Well’s new oat drink is now available in specialist health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett. From Aberdeen to Truro, Dublin to Brighton,…



Sleep Well’s new oat drink is now available in specialist health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett.

From Aberdeen to Truro, Dublin to Brighton, the oat bedtime drink will be sold in nearly 800 stores and will also be available from Holland & Barrett’s website.

Sleep Well was founded in response to the global issue of growing ‘sleep debt’. One of the company’s primary objectives is to encourage people to establish a proper bedtime routine, recognising the impact it has on how well you sleep. Drinking a warm, comforting bedtime drink is a valuable addition to this routine.

The range of Sleep Well drinks use valerian as the active ingredient, which is proven to help people relax and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

“Since we launched Sleep Well, there has been a strong demand for us to introduce a non-dairy version to complement our delicious vanilla and chocolate dairy range. After extensive product development we launched our creamy oat drink earlier this year,” said Sam Watts, co-founder of Sleep Well.

“Securing this exclusive listing with Holland & Barrett gives people who are allergic to or choose not to consume dairy the chance to enjoy Sleep Well as part of a positive and healthy bedtime routine.

“We can’t wait for Sleep Well’s oat drink to be on the shelves of Holland & Barrett and for more people to join our flock of happy sleepers.”

Georgina Stoddart, Assistant Category Manager Food at Holland & Barrett, said: “We are really excited about Sleep Well launching in Holland & Barrett this August.

“With sleep and overall wellness being a big focus for the nation we are delighted to be able to stock a product that can really help people manage their bedtime routine, getting them relaxed for a restful night.

“As the plant based lifestyle continues to grow, it’s fantastic to see specialist products such as Sleep Well that can also be consumed by those following a plant based diet. Holland & Barrett is the home of wellness, so we are confident our customers will love this herbal oat based drink as much as we do!’’

Available in 200ml cartons, Sleep Well can be drunk chilled or warmed in a mug, thirty minutes before you want to sleep. Suitable for all ages over 12 months, it is a long life product that can be kept in the cupboard for those nights when you need help relaxing before bed.

Mr Watts added: “Improving quality of sleep makes a huge difference to how we feel, how we behave and what we can achieve every day. A good night’s sleep is also known to have a positive impact on our immune system.

“Investing in a proper bedtime routine, and sticking to it, is vital to getting the good night’s sleep you deserve. With this listing we are incredibly excited to be available in retail stores nationally, giving more people easy access to our hugely popular Sleep Well oat drink.”

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