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Harry Styles and Kevin Hart Are Not Quite Vegan, But…

The likes of Harry Styles, Kevin Hart, and others are inching toward going vegan at their own speed.



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Celebrities are just like us—not all of them are comfortable with committing to a major lifestyle change overnight. Some celebs need to take baby steps, and many are taking those steps in the direction of the vegan lifestyle. We want to celebrate these wins and encourage the vegan-curious, star-studded elite to wade even further into the vegan deep end. 

Just like us regular folk, entertainers are drawn to veganism for different reasons—health, animal welfare, the environment, and social justice seem to be the most popular motivations. Or sometimes, it’s in the family—both Ben Stiller and John Travolta were spotted dining at plant-based restaurants with their daughters. We suspect they may be nudging them towards the plant-based side of things. From Kim Kardashian to Leonardo DiCaprio, here are nine celebrities who are moving away from meat and mainstreaming veganism. 

VegNews.HarryStyles.ShutterstockHarry Styles

1 Harry Styles

The pop artist and Don’t Worry Darling star has been meat-free since 2020, but according to his interview with Vogue that year, he’s pescatarian. Still, Harry Styles seems to have stuck with it. In August 2022 during a concert in New York City, the audience urged the Watermelon Sugar singer to eat a chicken nugget that someone threw onto the stage. “I don’t eat chicken. Sorry, I don’t eat meat,” he said before throwing it back into the crowd. We give him points for style.



Kevin Hart

After wrapping up filming 2019’s Jumanji: The Next Level, Kevin Hart announced on Instagram that he was going plant-based for his health. The actor and comedian is an investor in Beyond Meat and has worked on several campaigns with the company. Most recently, the duo made a commercial with Hart’s production firm, Hartbeat, just before barbecue season. The 43-year-old is also the founder of Hart House, a vegan fast-food chain, which he plans to take nationwide.

VegNews.KimKardashianKKWBeauty2SKKN by Kim

3 Kim Kardashian

The reality television star, businesswoman, and social media influencer has consistently alluded to her plant-based transition since 2019, regularly sharing snippets of her meals on Instagram. Kardashian revealed in a post for her sister Kourtney’s wellness blog, Poosh, that eating mostly plant-based food helps her manage her psoriasis. We also know that she loves vegan tacos made with Beyond Meat—and earlier this year, she starred in a commercial for the company that was shared across its social media accounts.


Cardi B

Underneath her cool-girl look, Cardi B is struggling with some gut issues. The star tweeted to her 20 million followers last year, asking for help on how to go vegan. Subsequent tweets explained that probiotics aren’t working and she thinks going vegan might help her tummy, but she’s reluctant to give up meat. Drew Barrymore came to the rescue and suggested that Cardi give Quorn a try. We believe in you, Cardi! 


6 Leonardo DiCaprio

Not to push too hard, but Leo, it’s about time to take the floaties off and jump into veganism. The heartthrob and philanthropist has invested in a number of plant-based businesses and led countless conservation and sustainability efforts to save our planet from destruction. He’s 90-percent there. We appreciate the work you do, but please Leo, let’s make 2022 the year of the vegan. 


7 Drew Barrymore

Although this bubbly actress, talk show host, and mother of two identifies as a flexitarian, Barrymore became the CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of Quorn this past September. She’s dabbled in vegetarianism and often bats for the vegan team as a matter of health. The star told EatingWell that plant-based meals keep her energy up and her weight down. In addition to Quorn, she’s a big fan of the Sakara meal plan

VegNews.ChrisHemosworth.HugoBossHugo Boss

8 Chris Hemsworth

This action star’s brother, Liam Hemsworth, gets more attention for his four-year flirtation with the vegan diet, but Chris has dabbled quite a bit. The Avengers star recruited Simon Hill, a fellow Australian, and a plant-based nutritionist, to help him establish eating habits to further improve this camera-ready physique. Hemsworth went vegan while filming Avengers: Endgame and was pleasantly surprised to discover that he could indeed maintain his muscle mass without reverting to his favorite food: steak. Here’s hoping he books another role and reverts back to his vegan days on set. 


VegNews.SerenaWilliams.SbySerenaS by Serena

9 Serena Williams

This recently-retired tennis star is a living legend. Of course, the 2021 King Richard film starring Will Smith didn’t hurt to solidify her GOAT status. Serena goes vegan in waves. She first tried on the plant-based diet as a gesture of solidarity with her sister. Venus has followed a vegan diet for over a decade due to Sjogren’s Syndrome, a chronic autoimmune disease. Serena then used it as a training technique to remain in peak shape during tennis season. Venus has called her sister a “chegan,” explaining that both of them “cheat” and eat a bit of chicken or fish from time to time.

VegNews.KatyPerry.KatyPerryCollectionKaty Perry Collection

10Katy Perry

In January 2021, the bubbly entertainer tweeted that she was 95-percent ready to be 100-percent vegan. We’ve scrolled through her social media feeds and have yet to see an update as to whether she closed that five-percent gap, but we’re in full support of every plant-based meal she eats during this transition period. The star seems to be vegan for the animals, as she stated her dog, Nugget, will be going vegan with her. 

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