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Burger King Singapore Debuts Plant-Based Whopper Following High Demand

Reading Time: < 1 minute Burger King Singapore’s new meat-free Whopper is available at all 50 locations
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Reading Time: < 1 minute

Burger King Singapore just launched a plant-based Whopper burger. The Vegetarian Butcher created the meat-free patty.

The burger includes the same toppings as a traditional Whopper: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, and egg-based mayonnaise.

Further, the soy-based patties are cooked in the same broiler as their animal-based counterparts.

Irene Tay, Marketing Director of Burger King Singapore, said the company is ‘very excited’ about the launch.

She added: “We received many requests from local fans who have been waiting for it to arrive at our restaurants, especially after they’ve seen the plant-based Whopper in other countries.” 

Burger King Singapore said in a statement: “Flexitarians [are] looking for plant-based meat options …. as well as diners looking to reduce animal meat consumption.”

Vegetarian Butcher

International consumer goods company Unilever acquired the Vegetarian Butcher in 2018.

Didier Chanove is the Head of Marketing at Unilever Food Solutions and the Asia Business Development Lead for The Vegetarian Butcher.

Chanove said the companies were determined to ‘nail the iconic flame-grilled taste and experience’. They wanted to ‘make sure we give diners in Singapore the chance to try the tastiest plant-based burger in town – all while being kind to the environment.’

Vegan Food At Burger King

Burger King in the UK, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland and Germany, to name a few, have all updated their menus to include more meat-free options.

UK locations now have vegan Chicken Royale burgers, whilst Burger King Germany offers plant-based chicken nuggets. Earlier this month, a store in Cologne, Germany opened the ‘world’s first’ plant-based Burger King restaurant. The campaign ran for a limited time, but attracted huge queues.

All 50 restaurants in Burger King Singapore now offer the meat-free Whopper. It costs SG $6.90.

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