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Vegan JUST Egg Breakfast Sandwich Launches At 500 Barnes & Noble Stores

US bookstore chain Barnes & Noble has released its first-ever plant-based sandwich
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Barnes & Noble, a major bookseller in the US, has added a vegan breakfast sandwich to its menu at over 500 stores. The food option features JUST Egg and Violife dairy-free cheese.

The sandwich comes in a Ciabatta roll and features a plant-based aioli. It’s available to buy now (for a limited time) at in-store cafes across all 50 states. 

Barnes & Noble is the largest US partnership to date for JUST Egg, which creates vegan egg substitutes using mung beans. The company also launched in 7-Eleven Canada late last year

“Just Egg’s rapid growth in food service over the last few years demonstrates strong demand from consumers for plant-based foods,” said Matt Riley, Just Egg Chief Revenue Officer, in a statement. “And this latest introduction at Barnes & Noble represents yet another important milestone.”

Barnes & Noble The breakfast sandwich features JUST Egg and Violife vegan cheese

A more sustainable choice

The launch of the sandwich comes during Earth Month, which is said to be the inspiration behind Barnes & Nobles’ decision. 

JUST Egg is considered a far more sustainable option than traditional hens’ eggs, using 98 percent less water, producing 93 percent fewer carbon emissions, and using up 83 percent less land.

Choosing plant-based eggs also means you avoid contributing to the animal cruelty inherent in egg production. Modern hens have been selectively bred to produce around 300 eggs per year (in the “natural world,” this number would be around 12). This takes a huge toll on their bodies, and they often suffer from brittle and broken bones due to calcium deficiency.

The vast majority of egg-laying hens in the USA are confined to battery cages, where they are afforded around 67 square inches of space. They are unable to spread their wings, and are the most confined animals in the agricultural system. 

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