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The Best Vegan Food Products We Discovered At Expo West 2023


Vegan products were all the rage at this year’s New Hope’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. We took to the show floor to discover…




Vegan products were all the rage at this year’s New Hope’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. We took to the show floor to discover the tastiest and most innovative plant-based food products!


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Shicken is a plant-based meat brand based in the UK that is expanding to the US shortly and it hit the spot!

Pecan Milk by PKN

Have you ever had pecan milk? Neither have I. It was both creamy and delicous.

Snackable Chickpease by Chick Ease

Love falafel? Then you’ll probably love snackable chickpeas. This on-the-go whole food snack is the snack of the future!

Whole Eggs by Wunder Eggs

Looking for an egg-licious experience without the cholesterol? Wunder Eggs is here for you. The texture is quiet impressive and it is available in stores across the US.

Cheese-Less Thins by Every Body Eat

These thins are delicious and suitable for anyone looking to step up their snack game.

Edible Spoon by Incredible Eats

Edible cutlery is a no-brainer. Imagine being able to eat a strawberry flavored spoon? Well, now you can.

Whole-Cut Steak by Meati

Meat from mushrooms? Yes, and it’s delicious. Meati’s steak is now available in stores around the US and we think you should try it!

Hazelnut-Free Spread by Voyage Foods

Food allergies are all to common in the United States. Enter Voyage Foods’ hazelnut-free spread. It tasted remarkably similar to Nutella!

Blender Bites

Blender Bites are the easiest way for anyone to make a healthy vitamin-filled smoothie. Just add your favorite plant milk and shake or blend!

Bored Cow

Animal-free dairy doesn’t have to be boring. Made using Perfect Day’s precision fermentation technology, this milk doesn’t mess around!

Plant Chicken Bowl by Daring Foods

Are you a fan of Daring Chicken? Meet their new bowls launching across stores soon.

Egg Substitute by Acre Made

The plant-based egg race is heating up! Meet the latest entrant taking on JUST Egg, Acre Made. It was delicious and comes in a powdered form!

Jamaican Jerk Chick’n by New Breed

New Breed is a newish entrant in the plant-based meat space and should be on everyone’s list. The Jamaican Chick’n is a vibe!

Brownie Bites by Fabalish

Fabalish is known for its delicious sauces. Now, they’re taking on the dessert aisle as well with their whole veggie brownie bites. A must try!

Blue Cheese by Climax Foods

After spending millions on research on development, Climax Foods has debuted their plant cheeses. Not only do they look like their dairy counterparts, they deliver on taste too. Highly recommend you try it!

Prosciutto Deli Slices by Mia

This soy-free Italian deli meat was incredible. If you’re looking for an authentic deli meat experience, this is for you!

Pork by Omni Foods

Canada based Omni Foods is taking the world by storm with its tech-first food products. If you like pork, this is a must-try!

Frozen Salted Caramel Snacks by Nada Moo

If you like ice cream and caramel then nothing should stop you from trying this new creation from Nada Moo!

Chick*n Tenders by VFC

VFC is taking on the chicken world with its vegan tenders and popcorn chicken. We love their tenders!

Cream Cheese by Stockeld Creamery

Do cultured legumes make good ingredients for cream cheese? In this case, yes they do. Check it out!

Plant-Based Lunch Kit by Mighty Yum

Vegan lunchables are here! Check out their collection of plant-based ready-meals!

Soy—Free Tofu by Big Mountain

Allergic to soy or just want to try something new? This soy-free tofu made from fava beans doesn’t dissapoint.


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