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Product Spotlight: Patch Organics

Organic Plant-Based Milk Made From Pumpkin Seeds  

 Review by Amber Ward  What…



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Organic Plant-Based Milk Made From Pumpkin Seeds


Review by Amber Ward


What is Patch Organics?

Patch Organics is the first commercially available plant-based milk made from pumpkin seeds. Founded by chef and Kundalini yoga devotee Patricia Trongone in 2016, Patch boasts a product line of good-for-you milks that are allergen-friendly and full of protein, calcium, and electrolytes. 

Patch Milk is currently available in both ‘Original’ and ‘Chocolate’ flavors, with ‘Coffee’, ‘Ginger’ ‘Turmeric’, and ‘Pumpkin Spice’ flavors coming soon. 

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How It Compares + My Thoughts:

I’m a HUGE fan of Patch Milk! I first tried it back in February, when I interviewed CEO Gil Kernan as part of the Milk Future Museum campaign. It was my first time tasting pumpkin seed milk, and it was unlike anything I had tried before — in a good way! The ‘Original’ flavor has a subtle yet slightly sweet flavor that makes it pleasant to drink alone or in cereal/coffee. And although I am not generally a chocolate fan, Patch’s chocolate flavor is pretty good, too, and I would say it tastes comparable to a traditional chocolate-flavored milk. 

One thing I love about using pumpkin seeds to make plant-based milk is its environmental benefits. As you can see from this comparison chart from Patch’s site, pumpkin seeds are less environmentally invasive to grow than other common plant-based alternatives like almond and soy. 


If you’re interested in discovering new milk options, I think Patch Organics is definitely one to try!

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