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Plant-Based The Live Green Co. Becomes First B Corporation® Certified Foodtech Startup in Latin America  

To achieve certification, the company met numerous rigorous social and environmental standards. 



To achieve certification, the company met numerous rigorous social and environmental standards.

Santiago, Chile, August, 2021 - Chilean clean-label, food tech startup The Live Green Co. announced today that they are the first Latin American-based food tech startup to receive B Corporation® Certification, specifically, by B Lab, after demonstrating their ability to meet rigorous social and environmental standards.

Being certified by B Corporation® is an indicator of a company’s integrity and commitment to sustainability and addressing global challenges, not just to turning a profit. An endorsement by the nonprofit is a badge of honor in the business world because it shows that the company is making a positive impact on people as well as on the planet. It’s currently the only certification that evaluates a company’s entire social and environmental performance. With this certification, The Live Green Co. joins leading organizations heavily focused on social and environmental impact including Patagonia, Toms, Heura Foods, and Betterfly, a leading Chilean insurtech company.

"At The Live Green Co., we take great pride in putting in the effort to become B Lab certified because their stringent environmental and social standards are a model of how we approach business each day,” said founder and CEO Priyanka Srinivas. “Creating a future for sustainable, plant alternatives that are accessible throughout the food industry is our life’s work and this certification from B Corporation® is recognition that we’re on the right path forward.”

Based in Chile, The Live Green Co. has created a unique recommendation engine that utilizes ancient traditions of plant nutrition, artificial intelligence, and modern biotechnology to develop 100% natural, plant alternatives to animal products and artificial additives. The recommendation engine, called Charaka, which translates to “wandering physician,” is named for an ancient Ayurvedic healer, and currently scans 15,000 plants and plant properties resulting in healthy, sustainable substitutes to more than 5,000 additives. It helps food producers create these healthy formulations at a fraction of the cost and within 90 days, compared to an industry average development period for processed foods of about two years. In addition to partnering with multi-national food producers to help them clean up their acts, the company has validated their technology through a series of clean-label, plant products which are available on grocery store shelves in Chile and Peru, as well as on in the United States. The Live Green Co. ice creams, burger mixes and pancake mixes are guaranteed to be vegan, gluten and soy free, and packaged with zero plastics. With a quarter of global greenhouse emissions coming from the food industry, and more than half of those emissions produced by animal products, The Live Green Co. believes now is the time to act to improve sustainability within the industry.

To become a Certified B Corporation®, companies must independently meet credible and transparent standards and earn an audit score of 80 out of 200, measuring their impact in areas such as governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

About The Live Green Co.

The Live Green Co. is a Chilean startup founded by Priyanka Srinivas in 2018. The company aims to transform the food industry with 100% plant-based products, clean labels, functional ingredients, and sustainable production and packaging. The company is backed by Start-Up Chile and other accelerators and international startup investment firms and looks to expand its technology to the rest of the food industry to help drive a tastier, healthier and more sustainable future. Find more details at

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