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Founder Spotlight: Jacob Conway (Uproot)




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Meet Jacob Conway



Uproot makes delicious, healthy plant-based dairy that is specifically designed to meet the needs of food services. Uproot offers a wide variety of products in convenient and sustainable packaging.

Startup Stage:




New York, NY, USA

When did you launch the business?

February 2019

What led you to where you are today?

My mom, dad, and brother went vegan 3 years before me, and they really paved the way for me to go vegan and make it my work. I also owe so much of my growth to activists and educators like Food Empowerment Project, who fight for food justice.

What do you wish you knew before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Before beginning this journey I wish I had a stronger foundational knowledge about ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. We learned by doing, and now we can use this knowledge to improve access to plant milks and make them more sustainable.

What is the most difficult decision you've had to make regarding your business so far? 

The most difficult decision we’ve had to make was switching from bulk dispensers to single-serve cartons. When food services closed during the pandemic, we had to find a new way to safely serve customers. From our apartments, we led a brand redesign, onboarded a new manufacturer, and grew sales, but we made it work!

What can you help the VEGPRENEUR community with?

Uproot can help the VEGPRENEUR community by making plant milk more accessible. We donate plant milk to communities and organizations that need it most. We also want to work with your schools, hospitals, and offices to make delicious plant milk the go-to choice!

How can the VEGPRENEUR community help you? 

We want to hear what you think! Oatmilk and chocolate pea milk are just the beginning for us, and we want your help to grow and improve our products. We would also appreciate your support out in the world. Request Uproot for your kid’s school cafeteria, your office kitchen, your coffee shop, or anywhere else you want to see better plant milk!

Fun fact about you: 

I’m a marathon runner! I’ve done a handful of half-marathons and marathons, and one ultra-marathon. My fastest marathon time is 2 hours and 52 minutes, and I’m hoping to add some more long-distance races this year.

Anything else you would like to share?

Our individual food choices are very powerful tools, but we also want to encourage everyone to get involved in their community. Lead by example, and find local organizations that are working to make healthy food more accessible for everyone!

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