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Founder Spotlight: Brooke Rewa (Goodmylk Co)




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Meet Brooke Rewa


Goodmylk Co

Alt-mylks for those who expect better. No gums, binders, preservatives, oils or processing.



Los Angeles, California, USA

When did you launch the business?

October 2020

What led you to where you are today?

Goodmylk Co is inspired by my own health journey. I found myself really sick and realized a lot of the vegan foods that I thought were healthy were at the root of the problem. They were highly processed and filled with nasty ingredients, almond milk being one of the biggest offenders. I started making homemade mylk and fell in love with it- which quickly made me realize I needed to make it accessible to all.

What do you wish you knew before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey? 

There's so much I'm glad I didn't know actually. Had I known how difficult the journey could be, I may have been too afraid to start. But now that I'm in it I wouldn't trade it for any other path.

What can you help the VEGPRENEUR community with?

I'd love to share knowledge on food and great brands! Or help any young entrepreneurs with startup advice.

How can the VEGPRENEUR community help you? 

Share Goodmylk with like-minded consumers and brands.

Fun fact about you: 

I grew up on a dairy farm.

Anything else you would like to share?

We're so excited for the evolution of plant-based foods into products that aren't only good for the planet and animals but are also great for human health.

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