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Envisioning the Future of Plant-Based Food Service: A Conversation with Dr. Huan Xia of Alchemeat

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of animal agriculture and the health benefits of plant-based diets, the demand for…



As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of animal agriculture and the health benefits of plant-based diets, the demand for plant-based food options is growing rapidly. This is especially prevalent in the food service industry, where restaurants and catering companies are seeking to meet the needs of customers who are looking for healthier and more sustainable food choices. In this article, we sit down with Dr. Huan Xia, the co-founder and CEO of Alchemeat, a Chicago-based startup that is revolutionizing the plant-based food industry with their innovative technology and delicious, minimally-processed plant protein that can satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Through our conversation, we explore the story of Alchemeat, the current innovations in food technology, and how Alchemeat is propelling the plant-based food industry forward. 

Alchemeat’s Passion for Plant-Powered Innovation

Dr. Huan Xia embraced a plant-based lifestyle six years ago when she experienced profound positive effects on her mental and physical health. With her years-long experience working in the food business with leading food and beverage companies, she was inspired to combine her expertise in the space with her passion for novelty, innovation, and forging a plant-based food system that caters to customer demands and expectations. Her valuable learning experiences from working on precision fermentation technology and developing award-winning products like a plant-based, keto baking mix, that quickly became a best-seller on Amazon, led to the eventual founding of Alchemeat. The mission was clear– develop a plant-based steak that would satisfy the most notorious skeptics of plant-based options, who ardently believe that there is nothing quite like biting into a thick, juicy steak. 

By bringing a team of brilliant minds and culinary geniuses together, they quickly delivered a clean, plant-powered, nutritious steak that checks all the boxes for the avid meat lover. “Our customers have reported that Alchemeat’s plant-based steak is the most similar to the animal-based steak, and we appreciate that we can present them with an option that they can enjoy as much! I never liked the term ‘alternative’……it seems to suggest something inferior to the product it’s seeking to replace. Rather, I like to call them ‘protein upgrades’ that are better for you and the planet,” she explains. 

Satisfying Palates from Across the Globe

Alchemeat’s proprietary technology was originally developed to perfect the texture of their plant-based meat alternatives. The versatility of their products was not initially the company’s main focus. However, as they continued to perfect the texture, they discovered how well their product worked with different dishes from different cultures. As someone who grew up in China, founder Dr. Huan Xia understands the importance of catering to people from different cultures who are embracing a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. Going vegan diversified her own taste buds and she learned to appreciate the importance of retaining the cultural experience of a dish when encouraging consumers to make choices that are better for them and the planet. One of the most exciting aspects of Alchemeat is the opportunity it affords to work with different chefs. The company is thrilled to see the creativity of chefs who enjoy featuring Alchemeats in their dishes.

As a foodie, I wanted to deliver a product that people like me can enjoy. Exploring the hottest restaurants on my travels brings me joy and we shouldn’t have to compromise on that experience because we choose to live a lifestyle that is kinder to ourselves and the planet. It’s my mission to spread the message that a plant-based lifestyle is one of tasty abundance!

– Dr. Huan Xia
Founder and CEO, Alchemeat

Standing Out While Fitting In- Finding the Niche in the Plant Protein Market

Alchemeat prides itself on the clean protein base– with only 3 main ingredients and minimal processing. Their products are soy and wheat-based, providing a thorough amino acid profile and high-quality, cost-effective protein. Ensuring cost-effectiveness is crucial for the Alchemeat team to achieve scale and price-parity with animal-based protein options. “Price and taste are key factors that consumers consider when choosing plant-based options,” Dr. Xia informs us.

Rather than reinvent the wheel to manufacture their high-quality, affordable, tasty, plant-based protein, they capitalized on existing food equipment to innovate their process and have achieved price parity years ahead of schedule! As they expand, they foresee offering allergen-friendly options and diversifying their plant proteins, which they can achieve with their current technology.

Chef-crafted Collaborations in Chicagoland

Alchemeat delivers a kitchen-friendly product that enables a chef-crafted process to create delicious dishes that can cater to the tastes of diverse consumers. When asked about the feedback from her chefs at restaurants that serve Alchemeat, Dr. Xia says, “We have received great feedback from our customer chefs who love to feature their skills and showcase a range of cuisines using our plant-based protein. Our product is versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, allowing chefs to get creative and experiment with different flavors and textures.” One of Alchemeat’s customers is a Chicago-favorite Cuban eatery, 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, that features Alchemeat’s plant-based steak shreds and pork in vegan versions of Cuban classics– the Ropa Vieja and the Cubano sandwich. 

90 Miles Cuban Cafe’s owner, Alberto Gonzalez, took time out of his busy day serving delicious Cuban food to chat with VEGWORLD. “We absolutely love the product! It soaks up the flavors very well and even our meat-loving family and friends enjoy the plant-based Ropa Vieja that we serve. We’ve been getting great reviews from customers who try our plant-based options for the first time and they eventually come back for more. We are honored to offer an equivalent experience of Cuban dishes that are better for you and the environment,” he tells us. 

Camaraderie in Competition 

As the plant-based industry is still in its nascent stage, bumps in the road are expected. With more mission-driven entrepreneurs entering the plant-based market space, we can anticipate seeing more mergers and acquisitions in the next 5-10 years. Despite these changes, the community must stay united as we share the same goal of a plant-forward food system and the removal of animals and animal products from the food supply chain. Cooperation and collaboration between companies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders are vital to the success of the industry. By working together, we can overcome obstacles and create a sustainable food system that benefits not only the environment but also human health.

Dr. Huan Xia, Co-Founder and CEO, Alchemeat

Business Bonuses of the Plant-Based Foods Market

The food industry is recognizing the benefits of moving away from animal-based protein production. Removing animals from the food production equation results in fewer supply-chain issues, such as disease outbreaks and feed shortages. Additionally, animal products have a poor nutrition conversion rate, which is not feasible to feed the world’s growing population. Governments and industries around the world are supporting and funding novel methods of protein production, such as precision fermentation. When asked about the impact of government investment in this space, Dr. Xia explains, “These innovations can improve food security by diversifying protein production domestically without relying on animal sources or imports from other countries to feed ourselves, making us more efficient and self-reliant as a country” The move towards plant-based protein production also aligns with an environmental consciousness that many investors prioritize. The result is a sustainable and profitable future for companies and the planet–it’s a win-win!

Debunking the Narrative of the Declining Plant-Based Market

Dr. Xia reminds us that it is important to note that the data from IRI, which showed a slower growth rate for plant-based meats, only reflect trends from retail and grocery stores. In reality, there has been a clear increase in demand for plant-based options in food service. This presents a great opportunity for newer companies like Alchemeat to tap into an underutilized market.

When it comes to restaurants, chefs in particular have the skills and ability to transform these products into innovative, delicious dishes that can change the minds of skeptics and present plant-based food in a positive, desirable light for consumers. Focusing on food service and restaurant partnerships, in particular, presents greater potential and opportunities for high-volume customers. While retail and groceries may be more visible, they may not necessarily be the most profitable avenue for companies to pursue. 

Words of Wisdom for Future Change-Makers

One of Dr. Xia’s favorite quotes from Thomas Edison reads, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” This is at the core of the work ethic she imbues and encourages up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the plant-based food space to emulate– to be proactive and welcome the opportunity to work through new challenges to make one’s vision a reality. “I will admit that it is difficult to remember your passion when you’re feeling overwhelmed and in constant work mode. It is important to take care of yourselves and take a moment to connect with your “why” during the hard times. It will remind you of your passion and ignite the drive to keep going and change the culinary space for the better,” she graciously adds.

The future of the plant-based industry is looking brighter than ever before and companies like Alchemeat are at the forefront of this movement. Alchemeat’s vision is not just about offering replacements for animal-based meat, but also about creating new and exciting food experiences that can inspire people to make more sustainable and healthy choices. With the continued innovation and collaboration of industry leaders like Alchemeat, we can look forward to a future where plant-based eats are not a passing trend, but a permanent and delicious part of our culinary landscape.

While we await a nationwide Alchemeat takeover, lucky folks in the Chicagoland area can find Alchemeat at a restaurant near you here!

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