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Daily Harvest Launches New Harvest Bakes

For decades, the food system as we know it has prioritized profits over our health and the health of our planet – from unsustainable farming practices…



For decades, the food system as we know it has prioritized profits over our health and the health of our planet – from unsustainable farming practices to synthetic additives that suck the life out of our soil and our food.
We’ve had enough. And so should you.

Cue: Harvest Bakes

Just yesterday, Daily Harvest launched a NEW collection of soul-satisfying meals built on organic ingredients that are good for both you and the planet… and always without any synthetic chemicals or artificial anything. 

These ready-to-bake dishes simmer with gourmet-level deliciousness so you get all the home-cooked-feels without lifting a finger. Think: a bounty of veggies, whole grains, legumes, aromatic spices and velvety sauces delivered in bigger servings for a nourishing meal that’s packed with plant-based protein + fiber.
Because the seed to a sustainable future begins with our food.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Cremini + Smoked Paprika Ropa Vieja *Paleo + allergen-free

Inspired by the rich, slow-roasted Ropa Vieja of Cuban cuisine, this dish is veg-packed (hello kale, kohlrabi, pickled peppers, and tender cremini mushrooms) and swimming in a luscious tomato + red pepper sauce. Plantains balance savory with sweet, adding potassium and fiber. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds give it extra crunch as well as protein, so you get satisfaction in every bite.

  • Chickpea + Coconut Curry

This nutty, creamy cashew butter curry tastes like a warm hug, while packing serious plant power from cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach, and green chickpeas (AKA young chickpeas with a buttery flavor + more protein!). The Indian-inspired sauce has all the classic spices and then some: organic turmeric, cumin, chili pepper, and even moringa, a nutrient dense plant that’s known to pack 7x more Vitamin C than an orange!

  • Gigante Bean + Artichoke Olio *Nightshade + allergen free

Think of your favorite spinach + artichoke dip, baked into a creamy, cheezy feast with 22g (!!) of plant-based protein. This Italian-inspired offering spotlights buttery gigante beans and artichokes in a rich, creamy Alfredo-like sauce (thanks to pureed cauliflower, garlic, nutritional yeast, and chickpeas). It’s topped with herby “breadcrumbs” made with hemp, which is known to provide essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

  • Squash + Wild Rice Gratin *Nightshade free

This spiced bounty of veggies will keep Thanksgiving vibes going all winter long (not to mention 20g protein and 20g of fiber!). A warm mix of delicata squash, brussels sprouts, red cabbage, and cranberry seeds is dressed in gravy-like parsnip thyme sauce made with creamy almond butter, miso, and black garlic for major umami. Served over a bed of wild rice and french lentils, this dish will leave you oh-so-satisfied. 

Key Facts to Note:

  • Harvest Bakes: Meals (or sides to share) packed full of rich vegetables and simmering with gourmet-level flavor. Homemade feels delivered in bigger servings (helloooo plant-based protein + fiber) with none of the hard work or prep.
  • Price: $11.99
  • Link to purchase: 
  • Instructions: They’re ready-to-bake with zero prep required. Just pop them in the oven at 450°F for 22-27 minutes. Your kitchen’s about to smell soooooo good.

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