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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend The VEGPRENEUR Summit





So you’re thinking about attending VEGPRENEUR Summit on January 29-30,2022? Awesome!

The VEGPRENEUR Summit is a global 2-day live, interactive virtual conference showcasing and connecting entrepreneurs who are pushing forward sustainable, plant-based innovation. We have exciting speakers on board including the founders of Veggie Grill, Good Catch, Lettuce Grow, Melina Bucher, Purple Carrot, Green Queen and many others!

Here’s why you should attend:

1) You’ll meet ambitious entrepreneurs and investors like yourself

At the VEGPRENEUR Summit, you’ll connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and thought-leaders pushing forward plant-based innovation across foodfashionbeauty, tech, media, and farming on a global scale. This is a unique opportunity to not only learn from but also get inspired by the leaders of today’s plant-based economy.

Just because the summit is virtual, doesn’t mean it isn’t interactive. Ask speakers your questions live during sessions and move between conference tables during dedicated networking hours to meet with other attendees who want to make an impact through entrepreneurship. Who knows, you might even meet your co-founder or next investor!

2) Network with top founders and investors in sustainable food, farming, beauty, packaging, tech, and fashion

Imagine being able to learn and ask questions from top entrepreneurs in your field all from the comfort of your couch? That’s what you’ll be able to do at VEGPRENEUR Summit. This event features no boring pre-recorded webinars. All discussions, panels, and workshops are live and interactive — so you can ask any questions you might have! Check out the latest schedule here.

3) Discover how to start investing in the growing plant-based economy

There is an entire session dedicated to discovering the latest opportunities to invest in the vegan economy — you can get involved if you’re not a seasoned investor :)

4) Discover a new passion or opportunity

Want to learn more about sustainable fashion? Attend the Future of Fashion panel to learn about sustainable materials and the founders pioneering them. If you’re interested in vertical farming and urban farm, learn how to do so by attending the Future of Farming panel discussion with leaders at Bowery Farming and Lettuce Grow. The VEGPRENEUR Summit is an awesome place to discover new passions and business opportunities. For example, did you know that the vegan leather market is projected to hit $89 billion by 2025?

We can’t wait to see you!

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