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11 Vegan Podcasts You Need to Subscribe To

From celebrity-hosted variety shows to stimulating moral discussions, you’ll want to subscribe, rate, and review these plant-based podcasts. 



If you’re craving some screen-free content to keep your mind occupied, a solid vegan podcast can turn into your new best friend (at least until it’s safe to reunite with our old ones, that is). From light-hearted roving conversations about plant-based food and pop culture to deep discussions on ethics and health, these 11 vegan podcasts will keep you company while you work, clean, or just go about your day.

VegNews.VeganPodcasts.RichRollRich Roll Podcast

1 The Rich Roll Podcast

The guest list sometimes strays from plant-based changemakers, but the host is as vegan as they come. Ultraman Rich Roll is a master interviewer and books the most awe-inspiring guests. 

Those accomplished enough to grace the microphone of the Rich Roll podcast will enrapture you for the two-hour-plus duration of the show. Past vegan guests include tough-as-nails Navy Seal David Goggins, ultrarunner Fiona Oakes, punk rocker John Joseph, physician Michael Greger, MD, and more. Go for a long walk or run and settle in for some major plant-based motivation.
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OurHenHouse-NewLogoOur Hen House

2 Our Hen House

Go deep into the ethical issues surrounding the vegan and animal rights movements with co-hosts Jasmin Singer (VegNews Editor at Large) and animal law professor Mariann Sullivan. 

The powerhouse activist duo touch on the latest news, issues, and triumphs of the vegan world, always complemented with a guest interview. You’ll hear from the vegan greats, such as Tofurky founder Seth Tibbot, but you’ll also discover advocates who typically fly under the radar such as Kelly Holt and Dan McKernan of Animal Planet’s Saved by the Barn series. 

Finally, this podcast is immaculately consistent. No seasonal breaks or “oops, we missed an episode, here’s a flashback.” Singer and Sullivan ensure their audience receives new content every single week. Pro-tip: Our Hen House also produces the monthly Animal Law Podcast, passionately hosted by Sullivan.
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.BrownVeganMonique Koch

3 Brown Vegan Podcast

Vegan recipe developer Monique Koch, the force behind the YouTube channel and blog, Brown Vegan, hosts a podcast of the same name.

The show covers a wide range of topics, from beginner tips to veganism to wellness to entrepreneurship and money-talk. Guests range from  It’s easy listening, all centered around making information about veganism, money, and wellness more accessible to listeners. You can’t argue with that. 
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.ThePlantBasedMorningShowThe Plant-Based Morning Show

4 The Plant-Based Morning Show 

Co-hosts Matt Frasier and Doug Hay, who also host the No-Meat Athlete Podcast, kicked off this daily vegan podcast in September 2022. In it, the pair go through all of the latest vegan news that’s circulating the world.
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.NoMeatAthleteNo Meat Athlete Radio

5No Meat Athlete Radio

No Meat Athlete Radio, Fraiser and Hay’s other show, began as a running podcast in 2014 and has dipped into a number of topics throughout the years—from vegan parenting to habit change. It’s a lighthearted, family-friendly conversation that you’ll soon feel a part of. Each week, you can look forward to updates on Matt’s life, Doug’s latest garden adventures and ultramarathon goals, helpful tips on running and whole food nutrition, and a few good tangents.
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.Switch4GoodSwitch4Good Podcast

6Switch4Good Podcast

Elucidate yourself with this groundbreaking variety show on everything from health to ethical fashion. 

Co-hosts Olympian Dotsie Bausch and actress/activist Alexandra Paul hold meaningful conversations with everyone from plant-based doctors to professional athletes, celebrities to chefs. Guests include former Brooklyn Borough President and now-mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, Adrian Velarde of Desserto (the vegan cactus leather brand), and Ironman Brendan Brazier. 

The hour-long show is part self-help, part entertainment, and 100-percent engaging.
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.VeggieDoctorVeggie Doctor Radio

7 Veggie Doctor Radio

Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO, MPH (aka Dr. Yami) is the vegan pediatrician we wish we had growing up. While geared towards parents, we can all learn more about health, nutrition, habit change, and psychology from this affable doc. Some episodes feature guests, but Dr. Yami isn’t afraid to  fly solo either. One thing is certain: the content is always engaging, educational, and entertaining. 

Favorites include episode 107/107b “How to Eat More Plants Without Hating Your Life with Talia Pollock/How to Make 5 Familiar American and Kid-Friendly Dinners Plant-Based,” episode 106 “Gut Motility and Your Health with Dr. Supriya Rao,” and episode 102 “How Understanding Generations Can Add More Value to Your Life.” 
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.TheKoreanVeganThe Korean Vegan Podcast

8 The Korean Vegan Podcast

New York Times bestselling cookbook author Joanne Molinaro, creator of “The Korean Vegan” blog, hosts this weekly podcast about life. Topics range from life getting in the way of work to dealing with imposter syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar with Molinaro, she’s a former attorney whose rise to fame kicked off on TikTok, where she shares vegan versions of Korean recipes that she grew up with.
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9 The Exam Room Podcast

Neal Barnard MD, FACC, and the founder of the nonprofit group, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and co-host Chuck Carroll dive into the science of a vegan diet. 

Episodes frequently feature doctors and other medical professionals who swear by the plant-based diet’s potential to help prevent chronic diseases. But, you can also expect news from PCRM, vegan recipes, and health topics that range from inflammation to combating high cholesterol.
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.FoodForThoughtFood for Thought

10 Food for Thought

Author, cultural commentator, and compassionate living expert Colleen Patrick Goudreau helms this aptly named podcast. Patrick Goudreau captivates listeners with engaging, thought-provoking episodes with deep dives into subjects such as zero-waste living, paying homage to animals, plant-based options at fast-food restaurants, and more. 

Pro-tip: Don’t miss her recent culinary exploration of Italian cuisine. 
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VegNews.VeganPodcasts.PlantPoweredPeopleThe Plant-Powered People Podcast

11 The Plant-Powered People Podcast

Hosts Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn know what it’s like to be the only vegan in the family. The plant-powered authors and entrepreneurs tap into their expertise to help make your plant-based journey a little less lonely. 

With new episodes every other week, Okamoto and Cehn sit down with guests to discuss everyday vegan living, from navigating theme park dining options to integrating cultural foods, composting, health, and more. 
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