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Vegan in Vancouver: Planted Expo and Vancouver’s Vegan Scene

We finally made our way to Canada to visit one of the largest vegan expos in Canada, Planted Expo in Vancouver! There was an abundance of new and popular…



We finally made our way to Canada to visit one of the largest vegan expos in Canada, Planted Expo in Vancouver! There was an abundance of new and popular vegan products to sample from the many booths lining the convention center and a full lineup of innovative speakers to learn from!
We even got to see the first Canadian screening of Eating Our Way to Extinction, a cinematic journey around the world telling the shocking but empowering story of why what we eat is the single most important tool we have for reversing the global environmental crisis, narrated by Kate Winslet. The screening was followed by a panel discussion of some key plant-based movers and shakers, including James Wilks, Former UFC Fighter and Producer of The Game Changers, and Jenny Stojkovic, the Award-winning author of The Future of Food is Female and Founder of Vegan Women Summit, who are working hard to make a change for a better planet for us all. We were excited to see the ways plant-based innovations the speakers, brands, and even attendees of Planted Expo are actively working on to bring a more eco-friendly and compassionate future for us all!
Since Planted Expo brought us out to Vancouver, B.C., we decided to stay a few extra days longer to explore the vast vegan scene! From a whole vegan pizza and ice cream shop to a fully vegan grocery store (all within walking distance from our Best Western Hotel and each other, might I add), it was basically Vegan Utopia. It’s always so refreshing to not have to drive all around the city to get to the vegan spots!

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie is a pizza and ice cream shop entirely made from plants! They have locations in Vancouver as well as Victoria and Portland. They make everything in-house, from their spicy garlic knots made with chili flakes, vegan parmesan, parsley and garlic ranch dip, their hand-tossed pizzas, and even their creative ice creams! Our favorite pizza that we tried was their Bulgogi, and our favorite dessert was their popcorn ice cream!


Mila is a vegan fine dining experience with a focus on Asian-fusion cuisine. The location was just around the corner from the other vegan spots, like Vegan Supply and Friend and Faux, which made it a fun little outing for us to explore! Our favorite dishes were the Corn Hush Puppies (corn fritters, pickled red onion, chevre, cajun remoulade, chives) and the Toasted Pound Cake, complete with cranberry curd, orange, and vanilla ice cream!

MeeT in Yaletown

MeeT in Yaletown is an all-vegan brunch and comfort food spot that has 3 other locations around Canada! We enjoyed everything on their everyday brunch menu, especially the Full English complete with house-made vegan sausage patty, smokey bacun, delicate tofu breakfast scramble, grilled tomato, bbq baked beans, sauteed steak mushrooms, toasted sourdough, and a side of steamed kale! While at MeeT, we were able to sit and chat with the co-owner Linda. Not only does she operate all of the 4 MeeT locations with her husband, but also the vegan grocery store Vegan Supply, and the vegan clothing store Friendly and Faux! Talk about vegan entrepreneurs making an impact on the economy!
Though we did wish we could have stayed longer to explore even more spots, we were able to experience some of the most unique vegan cuisines we’ve ever had! Every vegan establishment that we visited left us wanting more, and each spot had truly exceptional staff as well. This was our first time ever in Canada, and after this trip, it definitely won’t be our last!

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