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Vegan Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss in 2021




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Black Friday is upon us so we wanted to make it easy for you to discover plant-based deals. Be sure to share with friends!

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Jack & Friends

All Jack & Friends® vegan jerky mimics the texture and appearance of real meat, but uses completely all natural, plant-based ingredients. Our unique recipe using the super foods jackfruit and pea protein provides a textural experience unlike any other meatless / plant-based snacks and allows for limitless flavor options.

Get 20% off with discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

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Find The Garden That's Right for You. Get 20-45% off!

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Everyday People Coffee & Tea

Located in Washington D.C. Since 2018 Everyday People Coffee and Tea; a women-owned company wanted a coffee & tea company that was not only majorly single origin but also adheres to eco-friendly sustainable practices ensuring the farmers and farm productions are provided equitable wages to sustain a livelihood that depends on the coffee and tea trade.

Get 15% off with discount code: HOLIDAY15

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Major’s Project Pop

Organic Kettle Popcorn you will love!

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Planet Bake

Planet Bake was founded with the express purpose of making desserts far healthier and more lifestyle conscious without sacrificing taste, texture, and quality. We hope to play a role in helping to counteract alarming trends in diabetes rates, obesity, and other chronic health issues with healthy products that are plant based, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly. 

Get 30% off donuts with discount code: HAPPYFRIDAY

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Tiny Sprouts

Tiny Sprouts Organic Superseed Boosters are the only seed blends in the world that are specially designed for children with their rapid growth, unique development needs and safety top of mind.

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Little More Organics

Littlemore organic ancient grain puffs for babies and toddlers have only four simple, organic ingredients and contain zero additives, preservatives, sugar, or salt.

Get 30% off using discount code: GARDEN

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Brune Kitchen

Cookies that will blow your mind!

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Unusually Dressed

A real salad dressing for people who don’t buy bottled dressing, and those who do.

Get 10% off with discount code: unusual10

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It’s vegan. It’s decaf. It’s creamy. It’s just what you need for a boobie milk-friendly boost whenever you want one. Get 62% off!

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Sow Good

Discover healthy and convenient snacks that help tackle food waste and increase the availability of healthy but delicious snacks including snackable granola.

Get 25% off with discount code: ThankTheVeg25

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Core Foods

With superior nutrition that supports your immunity and gut health. Core Foods is offering Buy 2, Get 2 on all bars!

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Vegan Wines

Get free shipping with this holiday bundle! This bundle includes 1 Sparkler, 1 White, 1 Rose, 1 Red. There are some nice celebratory wines in there as well as a heavier Cab Sav for the season. Wine's in this bundle: Mujer Andina Ai!, 2018 Pandolfi Larkun Sauvigon Blanc, 2019 Luca Di Tomaso Scigula Rosato, 2018 Moretta Ceniciento Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Pasta as it Should Be. Crafted from gluten-free, organic and vegan ingredients, our pasta delivers superior taste and texture. Get up to 20% off!

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