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Vegan and Sustainable Startups You Can Invest In Now (May 2023)





One of the best ways to support the movement towards a sustainable and plant-based world is by supporting innovators building products and services that make it easier for all of us to choose the green solution. We present to you this month’s startups raising funds to build a future for us all.

A note on equity crowdfunding: Usually you have to be an accredited investor or in the in-crowd to get access to early-stage private investments. However, due to the growing popularity of equity crowdfunding platforms, anyone can invest in early-stage startups. We’re excited to present the sustainable and vegan startups you can invest in this month! 

: Investing is risky and we are not recommending any stocks or company to invest in. Always consult a financial professional before making investment decisions. Capital at risk. The content provided is solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any type of investment. Nothing contained on this website is intended to constitute investment, or other financial advice.

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Carbon-sequestering green funeral solution that returns us to the earth

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Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Kitchen is an award-winning global food company supplying plant-based, chef-crafted meals, pizzas, ice cream, noodle cups, and more to major US and UK foodservice venues and retailers such as Kroger, WalMart, Amazon, Sprouts Farmers Market and Tesco (UK), with global gross revenue of over $50 million in 2022.

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Plant-based brand of frozen pizza and plant-based meats


Aptera Motors

Grid-independent, solar-charging vehicles | The efficient 1,000 mile EV



2-ingredient organic, gluten-free bread with explosive e-commerce sales



On a mission to end mindless snacking with superfood + adaptogen-boosted snacks



The Shark Tank success that turns backyards into supermarkets!


The Good Pea Co.

The Good Pea Co. is an award-winning plant milk brand born out of lockdown. Everything we do, we aim to do for the planet and its people. And the way we do it is by making our Plant Milks nutritious, eco-friendly and vegan. They just happen to be deliciously creamy too. Want some?


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