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The VegNews Guide to Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

With the 2022 cookie season in full swing, make sure you know if yours are vegan.



Like PSL season, the Girl Scout Cookie season starts earlier and earlier. Of course, we’re not complaining. From January to March, we’re keeping an eye out for the girls in green sashes selling their deliciously addictive (and increasingly vegan-friendly) cookies. These treats aren’t just for us, though. Every box sold helps a Scout learn essential skills in entrepreneurship, compassion, and communication. To keep up with the times, the Scouts are also implementing new delivery and pre-order methods to get cookies safely into your hands. 

A tale of two bakeries

Girl Scout Cookies are made by one of two bakeries: ABC Bakers (which offers four vegan cookie options) and Little Brownie Bakers (which offers one vegan cookie option). The bakeries each service different regions, so depending on your location, your vegan-friendly options will differ. To check which bakery makes the cookies sold by your local troop, check out this map by Wide Open Eats. Have limited vegan options and looking to get your hands on more? Check out the Girl Scouts Council Finder to find a troop serviced by ABC Bakers and ask about their Digital Cookie platform for shipping options. Read on to find out which flavors are vegan-approved and how they help a Scout out.



Watch out, Thin Mints, a new favorite cookie may usurp you. These toast-shaped treats are buttery, cinnamony, and delightfully sweet without an ounce of animal ingredients. Exclusively made by ABC Bakers with vegan ingredients, Toast-Yays are always vegan, so you’re in the clear! The only question of the season will be: do you eat your Toast-Yays icing-side down or rightside up? 
How you help: Each box of Toast-Yays translates to real-world business and customer service training. Scouts gain sales acumen, team-work smarts, and confidence to grow into their true #girlboss selves.
How VegNews editors eat them: Like Cinnamon French Toast cereal—floating in a bowl of cashew milk. Don’t judge.

Peanut Butter Patties 

If the peanut butter cup could be improved, Peanut Butter Patties are it. Crispy vanilla cookies are topped with sweet, creamy peanut butter and enrobed in vegan chocolate. Make sure you don’t mistake them for Tagalongs, though. While Peanut Butter Patties made by ABC Bakers are vegan, their cousins—Tagalongs, made by Little Brownie Bakers—contain milk.
How you help: In a world of endless options and pathways prompted by marketing and social media, these crispy yet creamy cookies focus on teaching a life skill we wish we managed better: decision making. Scouts are taught how to plan, solve problems, commit to action, and think creatively. At least we can be decisive about one thing—we want these cookies.
How VegNews editors eat them: Sandwiched with Dandies vegan marshmallows to make a peanut buttery s’more. 

Thin Mints

These eat-the-whole-box minty chocolate cookies remain best-sellers year after year. They’re great crumbled into non-dairy ice cream, dunked into hot chocolate, and of course, nibbled straight from the box! Pro-tip: don’t break your head—both ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers make these cult favorite cookies with vegan ingredients.  
How you help: These popular cookies help teach a skill we could all improve on: money management. Scouts learn how to track orders, keep records, and develop essential skills necessary for any young entrepreneur. 
How VegNews editors eat them: Straight from the freezer for a minty cool treat.


Pucker up! These citrusy shortbread cookies balance tart and sweet with a tangy lemon icing and a sweet, crumbly base. Don’t confuse them with Lemon-Ups—as this cookie, made by Little Brownie Bakers, contains milk.
How you help: When you hand over your five dollars for a box of these citrusy sweets, you’re contributing to a scout’s goal-setting skills. Girls learn how to organize a sale, build goals, and follow through.
How VegNews editors eat them: Crushed, mixed with melted Miyoko’s butter, and pressed into a pie crust for a fluffy aquafaba-based lemon meringue pie.

Prefer to make your own cookies? Check out these delicious veganized versions.

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