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The Omega 3 to 6 Fat Ratio of Common Nuts [Data]

Nuts are one of the best vegan sources of fats, and have some protein too. But, there’s that pesky issue of having a ton of omega 6 fats, and not many…



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Nuts are one of the best vegan sources of fats, and have some protein too. But, there’s that pesky issue of having a ton of omega 6 fats, and not many omega 3 fats.

If you’re reading this, I suspect you already know why keeping a high ratio of Omega 3:6 fatty acids is a good idea, so I’ll get right into the data instead.

I collected nutritional data for all common nuts that I could think of.

If I missed any, just let me know and I’ll add it.

Omega 3:6 Fats Ratio of Nuts Table

Here’s a table of the fats in 1 cup of each nut.

Pay special attention to the 2 columns on the far right. The actual ratio (that we want to be as high as possible) is in one of them, followed by that number multiplied by 1000 just for more convenient numbers to compare.

Nut Fats (g) Omega 3 (g) Omega 6 (g) Omega 3:6 ratio Ratio*1000
English Walnuts 52.2 7.26 30.5 0.234 234
Macadamia nut 100 0.26 1.72 0.1512 151.2
Black Walnut 73.7 2.51 41.3 0.0608 60.8
Pecans 78.5 1.08 22.487 0.0480 48.0
Pistachio nuts 54.7 0.312 16.23 0.0192 19.2
Hazelnut 69.9 0.1 9 0.0111 11.1
Cashew 59.568 0.08432 10.5808 0.0080 8.0
Pine nuts 92.3 0.15 45.37 0.0033 3.3
Brazil nut 88.4 0.02 27.4 0.0007 0.7
Almonds 73.4 0.01 17.5 0.0006 0.6
Peanuts 72.5 0.01 22.9 0.0004 0.4

Here’s a few things that you might want to takeaway from this:

  • Different variations of nuts (and even brands) can have different omega fat ratios. I included the data for the “general” walnuts, but also English walnuts, which are significantly different. So don’t get hung up on the specific numbers, as they won’t be exact in most cases in real life.
  • English walnuts have the best omega 3:6 fat ratio, which is basically right at the limit of what is considered healthy in isolation (see sections below for explanation).
  • Macadamia nuts have a good omega 3:6 ratio, but also a low amount of both fats in the first place. Most of its fats are monounsaturated fats (Omega 3s and 6s are polyunsaturated fats).
  • Almonds, peanuts, and Brazil nuts have essentially zero omega 3 fats and should really be eaten in limited quantities.

A Visual Look at the Omega 3 to 6 Ratio of Nuts

The chart below is the exact same data above, just in a bubble chart. You can click it to open it bigger.

The ideal nut would be far to the right, and close to the bottom.

omega 3 6 ratio nutsThe top 3 nuts in terms of having a good ratio are easy to identify along that diagonal line: macadamia nuts, pecans, and walnuts.

What’s the Ideal Ratio of Omega 3 to 6 Fats?

Research suggests that humans evolved on a diet with a omega 6:3 ratio of approximately 1 (source).

More recently, particularly in Western diets, the ratio is more like 15:1 to 17:1, which causes inflammation and all sorts of health risks.

omega 3 to 6 fat history

You can see in the image that the lines for omega 6 and omega 3 calories were straight until the 20th century, where they started to diverge.

While nuts certainly aren’t the driving issue of this (processed foods and cooking oils are the main ones), nuts can make our ratio worse if we already have a poor ratio.

There’s no exact optimum ratio in terms of convenience and health benefits.

But current research generally supports the idea that an omega 6:omega 3 ratio of 4:1 or below is likely close to optimal.

It’s tough to say anything beyond that at this time.

How To Get More Omega 3s to Balance Out Nuts

Hopefully that data helps you reach your nutritional targets, whatever they may be.

If you eat a lot of nuts, you’ll want to try and balance them out by getting omega 3 fats from other sources.

Depending on your diet, this may come from fish, but there are also good plant sources of omega 3s as well. You might also be interested in this list of vegan recipes high in omega 3s.

If you happen to be vegan, where a plant-based source is your only option, an algae-based vegan omega 3 supplement is a good option to help keep your ratio somewhat reasonable.

Finally, you might also be interested in a similar post that I’ve made with the omega 3 to omega 6 fat ratios of common seeds.

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