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The fullness of life for Filipino families

Meat has always been a luxury for many low-income Pinoys. Argentina took it to heart by becoming the brand that provides them with good-quality canned…



Meat has always been a luxury for many low-income Pinoys. Argentina took it to heart by becoming the brand that provides them with good-quality canned meat that they can afford, and make a difference in their lives.

For many years, corned beef had always been a little luxury… a rare payday treat. As a family favorite, mothers wish they could serve it to their children as often as they would ask for it.

And then Argentina Corned Beef came along. It’s a delicious, high quality corned beef at an incredibly affordable price. Because more families can now enjoy it, it happily changed mindsets, habits, and meals on the family table.

Even those in the lower income bracket can enjoy delicious corned beef. And even working parents and active children benefited from its protein-rich beef that can fuel their day.

With Argentina Corned Beef, Mommy can serve the family’s favorite corned beef more often! Every Argentina Corned Beef meal uplifts spirits and makes the days brighter. It gave them exactly what Argentina promises in its brand essence “Fullness of life” – that bringer of positivity, a ray of joy and hope that brightens everyone’s day. Truly, it’s a “Busog ang araw ko!” (My day is full!) experience every single time.

Argentina delights with every meal because it has a range of canned meat products such as Beef Loaf, Meat Loaf, Liver Spread, Vienna Sausage, Spicy Sisig, Corned Chicken, and Pork Giniling.

Argentina Beef Loaf is a delicious meat loaf alternative in the non-pork-eating VisMin market. Up against strong homegrown brands, it won the hearts of the locals because, unlike its competitors, the loaf is buo (full) and therefore walang butas (no holes at the end) when sliced. This definitely gives them better value for their money – both literally and figuratively captured as “Buo ang araw ko!” (My day is full).

Families also love Argentina Meat Loaf – a fun, sliceable meaty snack for children. It makes meryenda (snack) time a filling yet play-like experience.

Chicken lovers also have their own delicious treat with Argentina Corned Chicken – an enjoyable and versatile replacement for shredded chicken.

Argentina Ready-to-Use Giniling was borne out of extensive listening to consumers and is true to its mission of providing affordable nutrition. It’s canned ground pork that is affordable, delicious, and convenient. It is yet another life-changing product that make consumers feel they have elevated their status in life. In their own words, “nakakagaan ng buhay” or lightens life’s load.

Argentina canned meats continue to provide Filipinos a mealtime experience that is busog (full) in every way:

  • Busog sa sarap. Timpladong sarap na made with 100% pure meat – beef, pork, or chicken.
  • Busog sa nutrition. Fortified with Zinc and Iron to help strengthen immunity.

But beyond these, there are the bright rays of joy and hope that each can of Argentina is brimming of. It’s simply, deliciously called fullness of life.


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