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Product Spotlight: Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Seasoning

Plant-Based Seasonings For More Flavorful Meals  

 Review by Amber Ward  What…



Plant-Based Seasonings For More Flavorful Meals


Review by Amber Ward


What is Seed Ranch Flavor Co.?

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. is a plant-based company that creates sauces and seasonings that add a punch of flavor to your meals. The company crafts its products with ingredients that are free from preservatives, GMOs, and refined sugar, and claim to hold the farmers and suppliers they work with at a high standard.

I had the opportunity to try out a few options from Seed Ranch’s seasoning line, which currently features four different flavors:

  1. “Cheddar Craving” Vegan Cheese Seasoning

  2. “Spicy Queso” Vegan Cheese Seasoning

  3. “All Purpose Umami” Seasoning Salt

  4. “General Tso’s” Sweet Chili Blend

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How It Compares + My Thoughts:

Before discovering Seed Ranch’s vegan cheese seasonings, my go-to option when hoping to achieve a ‘cheesy’ flavor in a dish was using nutritional yeast. Both of Seed Ranch’s cheese seasonings are nutritional yeast-based, with more spices added to enhance their specific ‘cheesy’ flavors. The extra depth of flavor in both Seed Ranch’s “Cheddar Craving” and “Spicy Queso” seasonings have given me so many more flavor options while cooking dishes, such as mac & cheese and cheese sauces, compared to when I was limited to using nutritional yeast alone.

Seed Ranch’s “All Purpose Umami” seasoning salt is mushroom and kelp frond-based. While it’s difficult to describe the taste, it has quickly become a seasoning I reach for when roasting veggies or making Asian-inspired dishes. I highly recommend trying these!

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