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Is Prosecco Vegan? Everything You Need To Know

Prosecco is a hugely popular drink to consume at Christmas, birthdays, and other celebrations – but is it vegan?
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Prosecco has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Originally from Italy, the sparkling white wine has become the go-to party drink for people around the globe. But many have no idea it often isn’t vegan-friendly

Cheaper and more easily accessible than champagne, Prosecco has established itself as an essential alcoholic drink at celebrations across the world. The most common variety is brut, meaning it is very dry and has little sugar left in the beverage. Extra brut, as the name implies, refers to an even drier experience.

While the grape-based drink may seem like an obvious plant-based choice, it is its manufacturing process that creates the problem. Going vegan is a learning curve, and Prosecco – like wine and beer – is one drink that many people who are new to plant-based eating may slip up on.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Prosecco vegan?

While some Proseccos are vegan-friendly, many are not. This is due to the fact that animal products can be used in the fining process during production. 

Adobe Stock Prosecco has established itself as a go-to party drink

After the grapes are fermented and turned into alcohol, a number of substances remain that make Prosecco appear cloudy. The fining process is done to flush out these elements, making it more appealing to buyers. Fining agents act as magnets to attract the unwanted molecules. 

Agents used for fining include gelatin (which is taken from parts of animals, like pigs), casein (made from milk), isinglass (fish bladder), and albumin (egg whites).

Is any Prosecco vegan? What brands are suitable?

It’s perfectly possible to make vegan Prosecco, and there are an increasing number of brands that are choosing to do so. Vegan fining agents include carbon, bentonite clay, and plant casein.

Popular vegan Proseccos to try in the UK:

Mionetto Orange Label Prosecco

Mionetto is well known for its Prosecco, and its orange label bottle is certified as vegan-friendly.

The Emissary

Known for its low-sugar and eco-friendly Proseccos, The Emissary is also fully-vegan.

La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC

Ideal for those on a budget, this Prosecco is affordable and available at a number of UK supermarkets, like Tesco.

Giol Prosecco Frizzante, Organic

Available to buy from Abel & Cole, this semi-sparkling Prosecco is organic, as well as vegan.

How do I know if Prosecco is vegan?

While many stockists do label their Prosecco as vegan-friendly, they can often be difficult to spot. If you aren’t sure whether a particular brand is plant-based, you can always enter its name into Barnivore.

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