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Is Bisto Gravy Vegan?

Bisto gravy is a British classic, and it will be a part of many Christmas dinners this year – but is it vegan?
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Bisto gravy has been around for more than 100 years, and it’s established itself as a key ingredient of Christmas and holiday dinners in the UK. 

It’s sold in granule form, meaning it makes for a quick and easy addition to your roast lunch or dinner

Many gravy brands aren’t vegan due to the fact they are flavored with animal products, but can the same be said about Bisto?

Here’s what we know about whether the brand is vegan. 

Is Bisto vegan?

A number of Bisto products do contain animal products, including its chicken, lamb, and turkey varieties. This means that Bisto is neither a vegan nor a vegetarian brand.

However, the most popular Bisto products – like Bisto Gravy Granules and the Original Gravy Powder – don’t contain any animal products, and are also labeled as vegetarian. 

studiomode / Alamy Stock Photo A number of Bisto products do contain animal products

But the company has not confirmed that they are vegan. This is due to the fact that cross-contamination is a possibility, and a spokesperson for Premier Foods (which makes Bisto) confirmed to Plant Based News (PBN) that it only confirms a product to be vegan if it can be supported by “analytical data.”

“This is not the case at this moment in time due to our current manufacturing processes and operations where we manufacture products that do contain ingredients of animal origin and products that do not,” they added.

Many vegans will, however, eat animal products where cross contamination has been highlighted as a possibility. Bisto Gravy Granules and the Original Gravy Powder may, therefore, be considered vegan. 

You should always check the label before purchasing.

Bisto vegan products

Bisto vegan beef-flavoured gravy
Bisto Vegans can purchase a beef-flavored vegan gravy

If you want to be completely sure what you’re eating is free from any animal product contamination, you can buy one of Bisto’s vegan products.

You can choose from three plant-based gravies, which come in vegetable, beef, and onion flavors.  

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