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Investor Spotlight: Corey Jones (E²JDJ)

Corey JonesFirm:E²JDJFirm Description:I’m a GP at E²JDJ, a VC fund that invests in sustainable AgriFood tech & science. We invest in early-stage…



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Corey Jones



Firm Description:

I'm a GP at E²JDJ, a VC fund that invests in sustainable AgriFood tech & science. We invest in early-stage game-changing AgriFood-based businesses that promote human health, lower global energy consumption, reduce the environmental impact of industry, and lever technology to materially impact productivity.



New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

How long have you been investing?

I've been investing for the past five years across asset classes.

What led you to where you are today? 

Before launching E²JDJ, I was a private growth equity investor, so I was doing much of the same work that I am doing now. I have always had an interest in food and healthcare. I was an investment banker in the healthcare group prior to transitioning to private equity, and I’ve always been intellectually interested in how the power of food could be harnessed to solve societal problems. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I witnessed first-hand how impactful it was on not only my family but my community as well. I have always believed that entrepreneurs were the backbones of communities, and personally wanted to find ways to drive entrepreneurship. I have also wanted to be an entrepreneur myself and grew up in an environment that encouraged me to pursue entrepreneurship since I was a kid.

What types of companies are you looking to invest in?

At E²JDJ, we invest across the AgriFood value chain, from production to consumption — with a focus on late seed to Series A. To date, we have invested in alternative protein, functional wellness, microbial sciences, and agtech robotics.

What do you look for in companies and founders?

We are looking for innovative scalable solutions that can simultaneously re-invent trillion-dollar industries while improving our lives and the state of our planet. We look for companies with a strong value proposition and go-to-market strategy, led by talented teams that are creating the right product at the right time.

What can you help the VEGPRENEUR community with?

Connecting with the community and meeting entrepreneurs in the AgriFood space.

How can the VEGPRENEUR community help you?

At E²JDJ, we pour our time energy, and network into supporting ventures as they scale and grow their businesses in markets both nationally and internationally. Even if the opportunity is not a fit specifically for E²JDJ, we always aim to connect entrepreneurs to resources in our ecosystem, whether it be advisers, mentors, investors, supporters, collaborators, strategic partners, or potential customers. We share a love for and commitment to the process of helping entrepreneurs who bring important companies into existence.

Fun fact about you:

I grow my own vegetables!

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