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Handtmann: New Communication Interface for Smart Portioning and Detection Processes

Handtmann has developed a new communication interface that aims to raise the connectivity of Handtmann system technology and foreign body detection solutions…



Handtmann has developed a new communication interface that aims to raise the connectivity of Handtmann system technology and foreign body detection solutions to a new level. The new communication interface X40 is open to metal detectors from all manufacturers.

In particular, alternative meat and sausage manufacturers in medium to industrial sizes should benefit from the central line control and the flexible configuration for a wide range of production processes. Synchronization, signal exchange, program switching and other processes are carried out centrally via the monitor control of the vacuum filler, which should make operating the entire line far easier. If the operator changes the program on the vacuum filler, the program on the metal detector is also changed automatically. This is intended to ensure that the correct metal detector program is always used for the item produced in each case, thereby further increasing quality assurance.

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The integration of a foreign body detection device in the filling process enables the early detection and ejection of metallic impurities in all liquid to pasty product masses during the filling and portioning process, which overall ensures a continuous production process. Transparency with traceability of the production processes is represented by regular records and audits.

In addition to the new communication interface between the vacuum filler and the metal detector, Handtmann also offers a software solution with the Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU) for documenting the necessary tests of the metal detector without paper.

As part of a sales cooperation, Handtmann has already implemented the new X40 communication interface with Sesotec GmbH, a specialist in food safety and foreign particle detection. As a result, food processors benefit from a tried-and-tested, comprehensive solution, including services, from a single source.

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Handtmann technology for alternative protein products

Handtmann has long recognized the trend in the food industry towards plant-based protein products and offers manufacturers of vegan meat alternatives comprehensive process solutions for production. Visitors to the last Internorga trade fair in March were able to see the company’s latest solutions for flexible food processing for the out-of-home market.

A month earlier, Handtmann had held the Future Proteins Conference in cooperation with MULTIVAC, where trade visitors could find out about the sustainable processing and packaging of alternative proteins. “The event was a unique opportunity to learn not only about the latest trends in the field of alternative proteins, but also about the latest sustainable and efficient solutions for processing and packaging these products,” said Dr. Tobias Richter, Managing Director and CSO of the MULTIVAC Group.

In mid-April, Handtmann presented its new Premium Handtmann blade set (PH) for optimal synchronization of the latest vacuum filling technology, inline grinder and separating technology with a coordinated blade set, and the option of smart blade set management. 

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