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Handtmann Celebrates 150 Years of Success with Gala Event

Handtmann Group of Companies, a global leader in food processing technology, marked its 150th company anniversary with a grand gala attended by prominent…



Handtmann Group of Companies, a global leader in food processing technology, marked its 150th company anniversary with a grand gala attended by prominent figures from politics, business, and the local community. The celebration, held at Biberach’s Gigelberg, included speeches by distinguished guests and a symbolic transition of leadership.

Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg commended Handtmann’s extraordinary entrepreneurial journey, highlighting its significant contributions to the local and national economy.

He states that the company, “with its approximately 4,300 employees and an annual turnover of one billion euros, is an engine of prosperity and an economic factor for both state and country. The noise of the machines in the workshops of Handtmann is the sound of successful transformation.”

(From left to right): Markus Handtmann, Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann, Thomas Handtmann, Valentin Ulrich

Thomas Handtmann, in recognition of his lifetime achievements and contributions to the Town of Biberach, was granted the title of honorary citizen by Lord Mayor Norbert Zeidler. The event also witnessed the passing of the company’s leadership to Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich.

150 years of growth and success

Harald Suchanka, CEO of Handtmann’s Filling and Portioning Systems division, and Wolfgang Schmidt of the Light Metal Casting division jointly delivered a eulogy reflecting on Handtmann’s 150 years of growth and success. Suchanka credited the success of the company’s 2022 financial year, which saw a record-breaking one billion euros in revenue, to Thomas Handtmann’s visionary leadership. Suchanka expressed gratitude for Handtmann’s support and trust in the management team and its ability to shape the company’s future.

Suchanka also emphasized the importance of succession in a family business and applauded Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich for taking on this responsibility as the fifth generation. He conveyed the gratitude of all Handtmann employees, highlighting their essential role in the company’s success.

Handtmann machinery manufacturing sausage products
© Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Handtmann has made notable developments this year since the handover, including the introduction of a new communication interface for smart portioning and detection processes, benefiting alternative meat and sausage manufacturers.

Looking ahead, Suchanka underscored the significance of good instincts, skill, risk-taking, and a touch of luck for entrepreneurial success. He expressed confidence in the continued success of Handtmann, concluding, “We are convinced that we will continue the success story together. The international Handtmann family is proud to be part of your family, and we look forward to a successful future together.” 

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