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G7 Leaders Slammed Over ‘Steak And Lobster BBQ’ As Climate Crisis ‘Escalates’

The politicians were accused of ’empty climate commitments’ and ‘repeating old unfulfilled promises



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Leaders from The Group of Seven (G7) are receiving criticism for having a ‘steak and lobster BBQ celebration’ as the climate crisis ‘escalates’.

This month, leaders of the political forum met in Cornwall for this year’s summit. The event allows wealthy nations to form agreements and publish joint statements on global events.

G7 leaders: climate crisis

All G7 countries say they’re committed to holding temperatures to no more than 1.5 degrees Celcius, as set out in the Paris Agreement. Moreover, leaders agreed to stop the funding of coal and coal-fired power overseas to slash CO2 emissions.

‘Empty climate commitments’

However, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg blasted the politicians for their food choice. She wrote on Instagram: “The climate and ecological crisis is rapidly escalating. G7 pours fantasy amounts into fossil fuels as CO2 emissions are forecast for 2nd biggest annual rise ever. “But, the G7 leaders really seem to be having a good time presenting their empty climate commitments and repeating old unfulfilled promises. “Of course this calls for a steak-and-lobster-BBQ-celebration while jet planes perform aerobatics in the sky above the G7 resort!” The post garnered a staggering 546,000 likes and thousands of comments. TV personality Fearne Cotton was one of many celebs who backed Thunberg’s post. “Just unreal,” the star wrote. “Painful to observe. Love to you Greta.” Follow Greta Thunberg on instagram here The post G7 Leaders Slammed Over ‘Steak And Lobster BBQ’ As Climate Crisis ‘Escalates’ appeared first on Plant Based News.

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