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Ecco Bella Launches Gourmet, Plant-Based ‘Bone’ Broth Alternative: Boon Broth

Ecco Bella, a vegan woman-led company that creates advanced vegan science-based dietary supplement products and non-toxic, cruelty-free cosmetics, has…



Ecco Bella, a vegan woman-led company that creates advanced vegan science-based dietary supplement products and non-toxic, cruelty-free cosmetics, has launched the world’s first gourmet plant-based instant alternative to animal bone broth – Boon Broth. This innovative new product supports bones, skin, joints and digestion for women and men without the toxins, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals in animal-based bone broths; and also sports more nutrition. Animals and fish seek nutrients from plants and algae, so that is what Boon Broth’s ingredients are based on. Instead of attempting to extract nutrients second-hand from animals by using their bones, Boon Broth goes to the source of all life, the plant world, using sea plants as a main ingredient in the formula that are packed with calcium and 72 different trace minerals. This delicious and restorative wellness vegan bone broth is better for the consumer, the animals and the planet as animal agriculture is hugely responsible for deforestation, excessive water use, and greenhouse gas production. Boon Broth is a guilt-free product where users can enjoy a rich and nutritious warm cup of health benefits while getting 12 grams of protein per serving. The product is rich and fulfilling which helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.
The star ingredients in Boon Broth include natural marine algae sustainably harvested from the pristine Icelandic waters that provides bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 72 minerals to support bone, joint and digestive health; yellow chlorella which is high in beta-glucans, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support the immune system, digestion and cellular health; MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is a rich source of sulfur, a key component of collagen that supports the skin’s structural framework and is also a building block of keratin, the main structural constituent of hair and nails; nutritional yeast which is high in protein, B vitamins, fiber and flavor; and curcumin which offers superb support for joints through its anti-inflammatory properties. The broth is available in powder form in single-serve and five-serving packets. It makes a big cup when blended with 12 ounces of hot water or used in miso, soups and stews, gravies, vegetables, rice or noodles, as desired. Boon Broth’s goal is to help the vegan and flexitarian consumer support skin, bones, healthy joints and immunity, without resorting to the animal suffering created by the sale and use of slaughterhouse by-products in bone broths. “As a lifetime health and beauty seeker, I discovered the true secret to skin, joint and bone health came from plants, not animals. As a vegan who didn’t want to exploit animals for my benefit, I wanted a way for others to do the same. That’s why I created Boon Broth. I realized there is a $1B craze for animal bone broth that makes unsubstantiated claims of healthy bones, joints, and immunity,” said Boon Broth Creator, Sally Malanga. “Consumers are lied to and believe that by consuming animals’ bones, that is translating to collagen in the human body, which is just not true or how human biology works. Boon Broth is a delicious vegan alternative that will provide the body with the restorative, health-forming vitamins, minerals, and protein it needs for great health inside and out.” Ecco Bella, who is advised by Vegan Launch, seeks to raise $350K in investment from the impact investor community to grow their direct-to-consumer business to end animal suffering for beauty and health. Investors can participate for $100 and up at Wefunder. Your investment will help scale production and sale of products that challenge the animal collagen and bone broth fad and replace these cruel products with safe and effective vegan supplements and skin care solutions. Investors can also invest in Vegan Launch who is leading the way in vegan startup funding and mentoring. For more information about Boon Broth or to purchase, please visit or find it at Orchard Grocer in Manhattan. The post Ecco Bella Launches Gourmet, Plant-Based ‘Bone’ Broth Alternative: Boon Broth appeared first on VEGWORLD Magazine.

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