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Earth Conscious Better Than Milk Expands to New Stores

Better Than Milk®, a trusted, organic plant-based milk brand, believes that what you put into your body should be good for you and good for the planet,…



Better Than Milk®, a trusted, organic plant-based milk brand, believes that what you put into your body should be good for you and good for the planet, without having to compromise on tasting great. Better Than Milk is a delicious line of creamy vegan milk drinks that are made from the simplest, best-tasting, sustainable and renewable ingredients, and are consciously packaged in earth-friendly materials. Debuting their delicious drinks in specialty and natural retailers across the U.S., including Erewhon Market, Nugget Markets, Earth Fare, Pete’s Fresh Market, Berkeley Bowl Market, Buehler’s Fresh Foods, Vitacost, and Amazon, to name a few, Better Than Milk is on a mission to change the way we think about a healthy sustainable lifestyle for both ourselves and for the Earth. Better Than Milk’s lineup features five delicious flavors that include Unsweetened Almond Drink, Almond Drink, Unsweetened Oat Drink, Unsweetened Rice + Calcium Drink, and Rice Hazelnut Drink. All Better Than Milk products are Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, Kosher Parve, and are free from gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, unwanted preservatives, sulfites, thickeners, like carrageenan, and artificial flavors. These 100 percent shelf-stablealternative milks are so nourishing, creamy, and delicious that they will earn a permanent spot in your pantry and fridge. Staying true to their clean label promise, every bottle of Better Than Milk is created with only simple, high-quality organic ingredients, including pure mountain spring water from the Lessini Mountains in Northern Italy, nearly 1,500 feet above sea level. The spring water flows directly from the source, as nature intended, into Better Than Milk’s production facility at the mountain base helping Better Than Milk reduce their carbon footprint and create the cleanest drinks possible. The water isn’t the only star of the product line; each carton of Better Than Milk is also made with mindfully sourced organic, plant-based ingredients that includerice, almond, hazelnuts & oats grown on sustainable, organic farms in Italy, Finland, and Denmark, from farmers that are committed to the highest standards of organic farming! Better Than Milk cares a lot about our planet, which is why all Better Than Milk drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable paper aseptic cartons made from paper that is FSC certified, meaning only the most sustainable materials are used to construct the carton. They also contain bio-caps made from renewable sugarcane, not petroleum! Stored in multi-serving 1-Liter cartons, Better Than Milk helps combat single-use waste and making it easy for you to use one carton throughout your day or week. You can enjoy a fresh, cold glass of Better Than Milk Oat Drink or pour some over your morning bowl of cereal, then save the rest for your afternoon tea or for baking your favorite brownies recipes. And, after guzzling down the whole carton, don’t forget to recycle, because every package of Better Than Milk is 100 percent recyclable from cap to carton! Whether you recycle your carton straight into the recycling bin or by upcycling it into a DIY flowerpot, bird house, or toy spaceship, you’re helping eliminate single-use waste and protect the planet for future generations to enjoy. Better Than Milk organic drinks are great for anyone who chooses non-dairy milk, whether for health, planetary, or lifestyle reasons! Shelf-stable, and with no carrageenan or soy, Better Than Milk is great for spontaneous bakers, committed hikers, early risers, and late night ‘cookies and milk’ guzzlers. With summer and smoothie season on the horizon, Better Than Milk has some amazing smoothie recipes for you to whip up! For more of these recipes, go to

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