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How to Invest in Lab-Grown Meat

Predictions state Lab-Grown Meat will become a common sight in grocery stores across the world within the next few years…



This article was originally published by

This article was originally published by Lab Grown Meat.

Predictions state Lab-Grown Meat will become a common sight in grocery stores across the world within the next few years. The quiet revolution has been happening and may soon explode into the mainstream. With opportunities to cash in and support the industry, here’s how to invest in Lab-Grown Meat:

Lab-Grown Meat is Fast Becoming a Big Industry

For many people, Lab-Grown Meat is a rocket waiting to launch. It’s slowly been building momentum since the first patent for cultured meat production was secured in 1998. Since then, beef burgers, chicken nuggets, steaks, meatballs and seafood have been produced by various start-ups. Now, the industry is ready to leap from the lab to the plate. FDA approvals are likely to arrive soon, and we’re on the verge of that defining moment - reaching consumers (80% of people are open to eating lab-grown meat rather than meat from animal slaughter). As of 2021, the lab-grown meat market size was valued at USD $1.64 million. By 2030, it’s estimated to reach $2788.1 million - registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 95.8% from 2022 to 2030. Reports suggest the Seafood cultured meat segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR growth rate until 2030, although red meat holds a 91.5% major share of the market as of 2021. With environmental, animal and public health benefits, the lab-grown meat industry has various market drivers.

Many Are Investing in Lab-Grown Meat

The industry is growing rapidly now, with big-name investors not afraid to get involved. The Good Food Institute (GFI) reported that lab-grown meat companies received over €300m in investment in 2020 and that the number of companies grew by 43%. UPSIDE Meats, for example, secured a US$161 million Series B funding with the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Kimbal Musk (Elon’s brother) all putting their money on the line. Gates said the company is one of several that will revolutionize the food industry. In 2020, the University of California received the first U.S. government investment, with a $3.35 million grant from The National Science Foundation to fund cell-based, lab-grown meat research.

How You Can Invest in Lab-Grown Meat Stocks:

At the time of writing, the number of publicly listed Lab-grown meat companies is limited. So far, investments have mostly been through direct, private equity investments and funding. However, this is changing fast as there are already some lab-grown meat stocks that you can buy stocks in. Now is the time to pay attention and get in early. Here’s how to invest in Lab-grown meat:
Find a Stock Brokerage
Stockbrokers are financial professionals that buy and sell orders for stocks for you. They do deep research into the market and provide you with the advice you need to make wise decisions. They’re great if you don’t have the time or knowledge to deep dive into stocks. You can find a stockbroker by searching online. Once you meet with a broker, take your time to get to know them and ensure your values align.
Invest in Companies
Many companies are in the startup stage, so they could potentially be willing to take on early investors. Contact your favorite company by email or phone and inquire about investing. If you pick the right company your returns would be huge as early investors get a huge chunk of the pie at very little cost.

Use a Trading Platform

Alternatively, you can take full control of your investments directly by using a trading platform. This gives you the freedom to make immediate decisions and orders without notifying a broker. There are various free-to-use trading apps that people have benefitted from, which include research and advice.
How to sign up
Sign-up is possible online and is relatively simple. You’ll just need some ID, such as a driver’s license and security number.
Investment fees are often overlooked. They can quickly eat into your returns. Ensure you read the terms and conditions for your trading platform or stock brokerage. They can change depending on the market and circumstances. Generally, you should be aware of:
  • If you’re using a brokerage, they may have a fee charged for holding your investment account. This covers in-depth research, data and fees for accessing trading platforms.
  • Trade commissions (or stock trading fees) are applied when you buy or sell stocks.
  • Mutual fund transaction fees: Charged by brokers when you buy or sell mutual funds.
  • Management or advisory fees: A fee or percentage of assets paid to a financial advisor.
How to Track Your Investments
There are various ways to track your investments in lab-grown meat stocks:
  • Trading Platform App: Many stockbrokers and trading platforms will provide a dedicated app. Here you can track your investments and the stock market in real-time. If trading indecently, you will also be able to make orders directly from the app.
  • Personal Capital: With over 12 million clients, this is one of the most popular ways to track your lab-grown meat stocks. The software gives you charts, graphs and data for mapping out your investments and portfolio.
  • Mint allows you to enter all your investment accounts into an aggregated single screen. Here, you can track your investments, fees and other helpful data.
  • Morningstar gives you a chance to see the stock performance while receiving educational articles and advice. It’s known for being a powerful tool for tracking stock performance over time.
  • DIY with Spreadsheets: Alternatively, you can do it the old way - spreadsheets. With the ability to customize your spreadsheet, you can tailor a system to your vision and needs.
Popular Stock Brokers
There are many online trading platforms you can use for investing in Lab-grown meat stocks. Here are the top 5 highest rated trading platforms:
Name Best for: Min Deposit: Trade Fees:
TD Ameritrade General use, beginners and market research. $0 $0
Fidelity Everyday investors and indepth research. $0 $0
Interactive Brokers Professional investors $0 $0
E*TRADE Easy-to-use and dependable web platform $0 $0
DEGIRO. Europeans looking to use the NYSE $0 $0.004 per share + €0.5

Which Lab-Grown Stocks to Invest In?

The obvious question many people ask when looking at how to invest in lab-grown meat stocks is, which stocks? Publicly traded Lab-grown meat stocks are currently limited. These are likely to be long-term investments, with the potential for significant gains as the lab-grown meat industry takes off. Over time, more and more Lab-grown meat stocks will be publicly listed. We’ve done a deep-dive on the top 10 Lab-grown meat stocks here, which is regularly updated.

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