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Founder Spotlight: Samia Gore (Body Complete Rx)




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Meet Samia Gore

Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx is a wellness brand of plant-based, vegan supplements formulated by a black woman nutritionist with a complete wellness journey in mind.

Startup Stage:
Gore bootstrapped her way to success, leaving behind her job as a public servant to self-fund her supplement company which has made over $10 million in sales in just 4 years, and has seen the support of celebrity clients including LeToya Luckett.


McClean, Virginia, USA

When did you launch the business? 


What led you to where you are today?

Body Complete Rx was created as a result of my own wellness journey. After gaining 80 pounds in my last pregnancy (I am a mom of 4) and tipping the scale to over 230 pounds, I wanted my life back. After struggling to find clean supplements on the market that were effective with quality ingredients, I decided to work with a team of experts and a Black female nutritionist to create my very own line of natural supplements, which was a weight management kit. With the popularity of this product, we knew we were on to something, and since then have expanded our business from a weight-management company to a brand centered on overall holistic health and wellness.

What do you wish you knew before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey? 

I wish I had learned to delegate earlier, as there’s no reason for anyone to be handling all aspects of their business on their own, myself included. Accept that there are people that are better suited to handle certain aspects of your business than you and trust in them. Play to your employees' strengths but don’t be afraid to teach them new skills because after all, to be a great leader, you have to learn how to delegate well.

What is the most difficult decision you've had to make regarding your business so far? 

Making the decision to expand our offering with over a dozen new products at the tail end of a global pandemic felt like A LOT, but seeing our customers' excitement around the rebrand really affirmed the decision to make that stretch. All of these products are so needed, especially now as we all want to take better care of ourselves.

What can you help the VEGPRENEUR community with?

I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire other Vegpreneurs to start their own business. I think women seeing other female-owned businesses like mine automatically opens the door for them, and I hope that these women not only see what I’m doing, but also see that I’m successful at doing it, and feel like they too can pursue their dreams and start their own business.

How can the VEGPRENEUR community help you?

I think being part of a community of fellow Vegpreneurs and like-minded professionals is a huge help in itself. I hope to learn from other founders, what worked for them and what didn’t, and apply these discoveries to Body Complete Rx.

Fun fact about you: 

I love to sing!

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