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Designer Handbag Brand Partners With Startup To Launch 100% Bio-Based Plastic-Free Vegan Leather

Melina Bucher reaches the next milestone in sustainability: designer bags made from plant-based, all natural vegan leather. This new generation of Melina…



Melina Bucher reaches the next milestone in sustainability: designer bags made from plant-based, all natural vegan leather. This new generation of Melina Bucher bags is made of 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan leather.


Highest quality, sustainability through innovation, and exclusive design are the distinguishing features of the German-based label Melina Bucher. The label has been changing the luxury world with vegan handbags since 2019: "With my philosophy, I stand for honest, transparent and ethical luxury fashion. I want to inspire and encourage consumers and other brands to change."

Now, the ambitious label is venturing the next step towards sustainability and is about to launch accessories made of the innovative, entirely bio-based material Mirum® from Natural Fiber Welding. After a year and a half of collaborating with the promising biotech start-up from the United States, which already launched pilot projects with Porsche and Ralph Lauren, Melina Bucher is one of the first brands to launch fashion accessories out of the highly anticipated material to the market.

Apart from animal leather being an ethically no-go, the environmental impact of leather production, in particular, is immense. In order to make animal hides usable as a textile material for consumer goods, their rotting must be prevented. The complex and resource-intensive tanning process causes chemically contaminated waste. Synthetic leather eliminates ethical concerns, but the lack of biodegradability and recyclability remains an issue. So far, “plant-based” leathers on the market usually use plastic resins, adhesives, or coatings to meet performance requirements.

In contrast, the progressive material which Melina Bucher has chosen for their new bag collection is made through an innovative technology that unlocks the potential of natural, FSC- certified rubber while using natural colorants, such as naturally-derived charcoal to avoid using plastics or synthetic dyes. It has a massive positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, and biodiversity as it neither requires tanning nor water during manufacturing and dyeing. Not only is it 100 percent natural and plastic-free, but the unique patented processes make the material “circular,” so it can be used again and again either to make more Mirum® products or to give back nutrients to the natural environment.

The new Melina Bucher collection simultaneously addresses the problem of synthetic leather's lack of biodegradability and does not require the use of petroleum-based raw materials. "While other leather alternatives with plant-based content still come with a PU coating and synthetic adhesive, we now offer a first of its kind material made entirely out of natural inputs. It is the next consequent step in the future-minded, vegan fashion world", emphasizes the founder.

The first handbag launching in the new material is BAILEY – the perfect embodiment of Melina Bucher's signature look. The classic, elegant silhouette is newly interpreted with modern, geometric sides. The two-toned design in black and beige makes the BAILEY bag extremely versatile and offers endless style opportunities, while the gold-plated hardware complements the high-end aesthetic. Each BAILEY handbag is handcrafted by artisan craftsmen in a Spanish family-owned manufactory, who share the same values on sustainability and quality.

The German-based label proves once again that innovation and luxury go hand in hand. Melina Bucher meets demands and exceeds expectations by constantly working on the development of next-gen materials and processes. For their commitment, the brand is also nominated for the German sustainability award in visionary design.

The new Melina Bucher collection fulfills the following sustainability development goals: clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption, and production, as well as life below water.

The BAILEY bag will be launched in time for the Christmas season at the end of 2021. Further information can be found on the Melina Bucher website and via the Melina Bucher social media accounts.

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