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That’s My Pizza: Restaurant-quality Neapolitan-style fusion pizzas in a hawker centre

Ah, pizza. It’s one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason. With its chewy, bready crust, saucy fillings and assortment of toppings,…



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Ah, pizza. It’s one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason. With its chewy, bready crust, saucy fillings and assortment of toppings, the options are limitless when it comes to this Italian dish. Pizzas are often associated with fast food chains and Western restaurants, so coming across That’s My Pizza in a hawker centre was a welcome surprise.

That’s My Pizza opened in August 2022 by first-time hawkers, Ailyn Khoo and Christina Chan. You’ll find the humble stall hidden away at the back row of Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. As the name suggests, That’s My Pizza specialises in a single dish, as suggested by its name, yet offers a wide variety of flavours that range from classics like Pepperoni (S$18) to exciting fusion flavours like Japanese Chasiu Kurobuta (S$24).

Each pizza is made using long fermented dough, and are flame baked in pizza ovens. Aside from savoury flavours, the stall also has 3 dessert flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What I tried at That’s My Pizza

thats my pizza - hawaiian

I kicked off my meal with one of the most controversial flavours: Hawaiian (S$18). This flavour came topped with cubes of pineapple, sliced ham, tomato sauce and cheese. The freshly baked dish was hot and the cheese was stretchy and gooey, much to my delight.

The bread crust had a nice chewy texture, though certain bits were charred, making some bites a little bitter.

thats my pizza - hawaiian

The tomato sauce had a robust, herby flavour, while the ham was meaty and added just the right amount of saltiness to the dish.

I am a firm proponent for pineapples on pizza, so naturally, I loved the burst of juiciness and sweetness that the pineapple cubes provided. I would have liked for there to be more pineapples to allow for that sweetness and tanginess to be better dispersed throughout the  dish.

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thats my pizza - mala smoked duck

The Mala Smoked Duck (S$20) was one of the more interesting flavours on the stall’s menu. This Asian-inspired dish came topped with mala sauce, cubes of smoked duck and stretchy cheese.

The Mala Smoked Duck pizza certainly did not hold back in the mala aspect. The sauce had a surprising kick to it, with a mild yet noticeable peppercorn taste.

thats my pizza - mala smoked duck

The pieces of smoked duck were tender and juicy, adding a meaty element to the pizza. I did think that there could have been more pieces of smoked duck throughout, but I was impressed with the strength of the flavours in general. My only gripe was that the mala sauce made the Mala Smoked Duck pizza a tad too salty for my taste, but I still enjoyed it very much.

thats my pizza - pesto prosciutto bufala

I decided to try one of the dishes from That’s My Pizza’s Bestseller menu, the Pesto Prosciutto Bufala (S$28). Instead of the usual tomato sauce, this pizza had a pesto base and was topped with bufala cheese and a generous amount of prosciutto.

The pesto sauce had a nutty and herby flavour, and its rich, earthy taste paired wonderfully with the creamy and stretchy bufala cheese.

thats my pizza - pesto prosciutto bufala

The prosciutto further elevated the Pesto Prosciutto Bufala pizza with its salty profile. Those who love the intense flavours of prosciutto will likely enjoy this pizza, given the substantial amount of cured meat that is piled atop.

thats my pizza - pesto prosciutto bufala

As with the previous 2 flavours, the Pesto Prosciutto Bufala had a nice chewy bread crust that acted as the perfect neutral base for all the flavourful toppings. The strength of the prosciutto may make this flavour a bit too salty for some, so I would advise going for a milder flavour if salt isn’t your thing.

Final thoughts

thats my pizza - pizzas

It’s surprising to find such atas, restaurant-quality pizzas within a humble hawker centre, which is what makes That’s My Pizza stand out even more. The prices are definitely much steeper than your usual hawker fare, but are comparable to those of restaurants with similar standards of food.

I would love to return to try out That’s My Pizza’s other unique flavours, though at its price point, it wouldn’t be something that I would consume on a daily basis. I admire the creativity of the stall’s founders, and I look forward to seeing their new creations in the future!

Expected damage: S$16 – S$34 per pax

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