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Cultivated Abundance is a book about how we can solve humanity’s most challenging problems

Cultivated Abundance by Mihir Pershad Cultivated Abundance is a book about how we can solve humanity’s most challenging problems with transformative…



Cultivated Abundance by Mihir Pershad

Cultivated Abundance is a book about how we can solve humanity’s most challenging problems with transformative technology entrepreneurship. Having a scalable impact on these problems requires following a set of principles that are quite different from the traditional startup playbook.In this book, you'll learn about some of the most difficult problems facing humanity, some of the most promising new technologies, and how you can maximize your leverage to solve problems such as the following:

  • Feeding 10 billion people sustainably by 2050
  • Preventing the Anthropocene extinction
  • Making our food system carbon neutral or negative within 20 years


You will love this book if you aspire to start a company one day — or have a startup now — and want to understand the steps you can take to have the greatest positive impact on the world. If you are fascinated by new technologies, like cellular agriculture and cultured meat, and want to understand why some of these technologies have a tremendous positive impact on the world while others fizzle out, I think you will enjoy this book.

Cultivated Abundance is a nonfiction book that speaks to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and impact-focused individuals who are looking to maximize their impact on the world and who may be exploring cellular agriculture and transformative technologies for the first time.


About The Book - Cultivated Abundance

The book is written in 4 Parts:

Part I contains the Introduction + Chapters 1-2. Part I explores how humanity has approached solving significant problems throughout our history and what that means for the current challenges we face. In these chapters, we dive into:

  • how humanity has solved food shortages throughout our history,
  • how those solutions have shaped our past, and
  • what they tell us about our ability to feed 10 billion people sustainably by 2050.

We also dig into some of the evolutionary shortcomings that now threaten our ability to respond to the challenges we face as a civilization.

Part II contains Chapters 3-5. Part II introduces the concepts of Big Intractable Problems and Transformative Technologies and describes the characteristics that we can use to identify them. These chapters also build on historical examples, like the explosion in human population, to explain why we have so much trouble understanding exponential trends and how that hampers our ability to recognize Transformative Technologies and respond to Big Intractable Problems. In these chapters, we:

  • further explore the concept of leverage as the ultimate tool for tackling problems of such magnitude, and
  • examine some of the common fears and objections that arise when Transformative Technologies are discussed as a tool for increasing our leverage.

Part III contains Chapters 6-8. In Part III, we dive into the emerging transformative technology of cellular agriculture, best known for its application in making cultured meat. We build a basic understanding of the science before looking at the applications of cellular agriculture and how it can enable us to overcome the greatest challenges we will face in the next 30 years. In particular, we explore how cellular agriculture can help humanity to:

  1. fight climate change,
  2. stop the loss of biodiversity, and
  3. reduce environmental damage

by eliminating both land and sea animals from our food systems.

Part IV contains Chapters 9-19. With the stage set, Part IV lays out 10 Principles for Success with Transformative Technology Entrepreneurship. Each chapter starts with a common piece of startup wisdom and why it does not work as well for companies that are working to solve Big Intractable Problems. We then define the principle and describe how successful Transformative Technology companies have used this principle to achieve success. Each chapter concludes with concrete steps for implementing these principles in your own startup or exploring how the principle could be applied within alternative protein startups.

How to Help Make the Magic Happen

You can show your support by backing the book at Indigogo.

This book will be published with New Degree Press. I set up the pre-order tiers to help cover the costs for publishing my book. Money raised will go towards the following:

  • The Editor I will work with to revise and publish my manuscript in July 2020.
  • The Cover Design of my Book - the mockups you see currently are a placeholder!
  • The Layout Design for the interior of my book (Physical Copy, Ebook Formats)
  • The Copyediting for My Book - to help polish the grammar and spelling prior to publication
  • The Launch & Promotion Efforts for my book - when I ultimately publish this summer.


With your help...
100 pre-sell copies = the book gets published
150 pre-sell copies = an audiobook gets published (featuring the dulcet tones of yours truly)
200 pre-sell copies = the hardcover edition gets published
The goal of the pre-sell = getting the book published! 


I am also offering some exclusive rewards for people who pre-order my book now. You will receive:

  • A personally signed copy of my book when I publish in July 2020
  • A Personal, handwritten thank you note for pre-ordering my book
  • Your Name will appear in a Special, Acknowledgements Section of my book (“with Special Thanks to”)
  • Early access to the Introduction and my entire manuscript, with the opportunity to review it and give me early feedback
  • The opportunity to help give me feedback and be involved in selecting my cover
  • I will do a book topic/workshop seminar where I will share experience the experiences of writing my book
  • And more...

About the Author:

Mihir Pershad is the co-founder and CEO of Umami Meats, a Singapore-based startup developing healthy, sustainable cultured seafood that tastes great and protects our oceans. Mihir is also a Venture Partner at Early Charm Ventures where he develops the next generation of Transformative Technologies and commercializes them in the form of university spin-out startups. A serial entrepreneur, Mihir has developed technology startups in the medical device, aquaculture, and education sectors.

Mihir is passionate about finding ways to positively impact humanity through his career and building personal frameworks to achieve that goal. When his curiosity led him to research organizations like Effective Altruism and 80,000 Hours, he noticed that such conversations were rarely so structured amongst entrepreneurs. Mihir realized that there were surely other people who shared his ambitions to create the best possible future for humanity and sought to develop a shared framework that would help spread this idea and encourage more people to pursue a similar path.

Beyond his work, Mihir enjoys reading science fiction and epic fantasy novels, swimming, and outdoor adventure sports of all types, including SCUBA diving, backpacking, skiing, ice climbing, and mountaineering. His passion for wilderness activities has given Mihir a deep appreciation for the awe-inspiring beauty and ferocity that can only be found in truly wild places, and he possesses a strong desire to work toward preserving these wild places for future generations.

For more information you can connect with Mihir at and on the following social media platforms:


Other Ways You Can Help

Unable to pre-order the book? You can still help!

  • Please share my Pre-sale Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with your friends, family and network. Please use #CultivatedAbundance and tag me as well as my publisher, New Degree Press so we can help amplify your efforts.
  • You can easily share my Pre-Sale Campaign Page via Indiegogo at the top of the page
  • Please share my book to 5 friends, family members, or co-workers who you think would enjoy it through text message or Direct Message on social media.


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